What's new, 2002?


These pages undergo revision at intervals, depending on available material and, of course, the availability of time. There are now quite a few pages on this site. This page is intended to facilitate the reading of anyone who looks in regularly.  Older announcements are available from the links at the bottom of the page.

31/12/2002 : Gaston BOISSIER, Le traite du manteau de Tertullien (1889) added.  Carl Paul CASPARI, Altercatio Heracliani laici cum Germinio episcopo sirmiensi (1883) added.  Extract from Michael M. SAGE, Cyprian (1975) on the date of the Octavius and the Apologeticum added to the Minucius Felix page.  M. HAUPT, Analecta XIX (On De Pallio 5, De Spectaculis 10),  (1866) added.  M. HAUPT, Coniectanea (On Ad Nationes i, 7 & De Cultu Feminarum ii, 11) (1874) added.  M. Haupt, Varia (On Ad Martyras 1); Coniectanea (On De Sodoma 5, 14), (1871) added.

30/12/2002 : C.H. Turner's emendations on Adversus Praxean added. F.C.Burkitt's review of Dobschütz's edition of the Decretum Gelasianum added.  G.A.T. Davies on Tertullian and the Pliny-Trajan correspondence added.  A superficial article by Joseph B. MAYOR, A puritan and a broad churchman in the second century, added -- I hesitated, because it's poor stuff, but it is to be found in the bibliographies.

27/12/2002 : Gino Mazzoni's Italian translations of De Spectaculis, De Idololatria, and De Poenitentia online.

20/12/2002 : Older big bibliography updated.  E. AMANN, L'Ange du Baptême dans Tertullien, (1921) added. Oliver Farrar EMERSON, A parallel between the Middle English poem 'Patience' and an early Latin poem attributed to Tertullian (De Iona), (1895) added.  Gordon J. LAING, Tertullian and the Pagan Cults, (1913) added. A. PUECH, Julien et Tertullien, (1912) added.

19/12/2002 : Charles BLOUNT, A quotation from Tertullian, The Month: A Catholic Magazine and Review, 80 (1894) pp. 361-372, added.  I'm not sure this article is worth much, but it is in English (and so easy to scan), out of copyright, in the bibliographies, and I have a photocopy.  So it may as well appear online.

17/12/2002 : The complete book of Alexander Souter's translations of De Oratione and De Baptismo (SPCK, 1919) added.

14/12/2002 : Ernest Evans' edition of De Oratione, SPCK (1953), added, complete.  This appears by permission of SPCK -- thank you.

13/12/2002 : Ernest Evans' edition of De Carne Christi for SPCK( 1956) now complete.

12/12/2002 : I've added the notes and commentary of Ernest Evans edition of De Carne Christi for SPCK( 1956).  I intend to turn the scripture references into hyperlinks, but not tonight!  This leaves only the indices to add.

Some will remember that Petr Kitzler published a translation of portions of the Passio Perpetuae in Czech a while back, and is working on a translation of De Spectaculis into Czech.  However he has in passing published a translation with notes of Ad Martyras into Czech: P. KITZLER, Q.S.F.Tertullianus - Povzbuzení muèedníkùm (Ad martyras). In: Teologický sborník 8 (4), 2002, pp. 55-62.  I've updated the bibliographic details to include this.  

11/12/2002 : Your Christmas Tertullian is here!  It is De Carne Christi. The text is from Ernest Evans edition for SPCK of 1956, by permission of SPCK.  I have also started to put the rest of that volume online.  Some readers may not know that I submit copies of each Latin text I scan to The Latin Library, without apparatus and in a simpler format, since these are public domain.  If you need a text for some purpose for which a formatted text is unsuitable, you can get it from here.  I seem to have forgotten to update the date on the top page since 2nd November 2002 -- sorry about that.

03/12/2002 : My sincere thanks go to Mark Purcell and Yvonne Lewis of the National Trust, for permission to take and place online some pictures of the 1635 Pamelius-Notes and 1718 Havercamp Apologeticus from Blickling Hall in Norfolk.  The pictures mostly turned out very well, and are online for reference purposes.  I hope to collect images of more title pages as time goes by, so we can see at once what we're dealing with when looking at something in the field.

02/12/2002 : Parts of John Kaye's Ecclesiastical History of the Second and Third Centuries, Illustrated from the Writings of Tertullian are now online.  The author was bishop first of Bristol, then of Lincoln.  Three editions were published, and then a reprint of the second.  This is the Third edition.  I started to proof this some months ago and stopped after 180 pages because the Latin text in the footnotes was so poor.  So I'm putting online what I did.

30/11/2002 : Mazzoni's 1929 Italian translation of De Praescriptione Haereticorum (La prescrizione contro gli eretici) added.  I'd like to thank Caroline Dicker of the Lincoln Theological Institute in Sheffield for the opportunity to photocopy the 1842 Oxford translation of selected works of Tertullian in the 'Library of the Fathers' series.  This will be a bit of a pig to scan -- it has marginal notes as well as footnotes -- but now I have a copy I'll try to get it online.

26/11/2002 : Mazzoni's 1929 Italian translation of Ad Martyras(Ai martiri) added.

19/11/2002 : Ugo Bratelli has kindly scanned Genoude's French translation of Adversus Omnes Haereses for me -- now online here also.

08/11/2002 : Delisle's text of the 12th century catalogue of Cluny now online.  Bindley's English translation of the Apologeticum (with Pliny's letters about the Christians) now online.  All the English versions are now online apart from Brown's 1655, Glover's 1931 and Arbesmann's 1951.  The last is still in copyright, Glover I am reluctant to do since it is in print (and I want to encourage that), which leaves only Brown.  I'll do that if I can get hold of a copy.

06/11/2002 : The Tertullian Project has moved hosting provider, and from NT to UNIX.  Teething troubles should be expected.  The main problem at the moment is that a lot of icons don't display.  I have a support ticket raised for this, and hope to fix it soon!  I don't know of any other problems -- please let me know if you find broken links.  The change will give us more disk-space now (badly needed) and will also give us some technical advantages in the future, so please bear with me.

02/11/2002 : Kellner's German translation of De Paenitentia added.  Also of De Oratione.  Also De Exhortatione Castitatis.  The BKV2 7 (1912) volume of German translations is now completely online.

01/11/2002 : Several more German translations added: De Patientia, Ad Uxorem, De Spectaculis, De Cultu Feminarum, De Testimonio Animae, plus some of the introductions.  Most of the first volume of the BKV is now done, which is good news.

29/10/2002 : Kellner's German translation of De Pudicitia added.  There may be some disruption in the next few weeks.  It looks as if I may have to move the site to another provider during November.  I hope to keep the downtime to a minimum.

18/10/2002 : Updated some bibliographies for additional editions.  Dr. Andrea Nicolotti of christianismus.it  has kindly corrected my ungrammatical Italian on the two Italian pages - thank you very much!

26/09/2002 : The 1851 reprint of Temple Chevallier's translation of the Apologeticum into English is now online.  The search facility has been updated - another search engine, PicoSearch, is now available.

24/09/2002 : Some Italian translations added to the bibliographies - also to the Carmen Ad Senatorem, and a couple of extra notices on the Minucius Felix page.

16/09/2002 : 1642/3 Civil war pamphlet withe Tertullian extracts placed online.

Spuria page updated with MSS details.  Also Cod. Paris. 13047Cluny collection page updated with some details of the manner in which that collection was corrupted by a medieval editor. A fonts page created.  I found that the link I used to point to for Greek no longer worked, and indeed belonged to a porn site (!) - my thanks for Bill Schultz for letting me know.

12/09/2002 : Links page updated - I've discovered a very useful collection of material on the fathers at the North American Patristic Society.

31/08/2002 : Latin text of De Pudicitia now online.  No apparatus, as I don't have access to any up-to-date one for which I have permission.  

30/08/2002 : Today we have something SPECIAL!!  I have scanned and placed online the unpublished English translation of De Pudicitia made in the 1950's by the late Swedish philologist, Gösta Claesson.  This is something that was hard to transcribe, so has taken some time.   This appears by kind permission of Dr. Claesson's family, through the help of his son, Dr. Johan Claesson, to whom my thanks; also my thanks to Dr. Charles Munier, who actually has the MS.  As far as I know, my photocopy is the only other copy in existence, so this page is a rare thing indeed.

Interestingly, I find as an appendix what look like quotes from a Vatican MS, Cod. Vatican. Lat. 5398, attributed to Fulvio Orsini.  However I need someone with a bit of Swedish to help me see if this is indeed the case, and if so I can put that online also.

Also I've placed online pp.474-8 of d'Ales La Theologie de Tertullien, which deal with fasting.  One day I must scan this whole book.  If Mathilde who wrote to me about this with the email address maudchuamette@hotmail.com would email me again, with a valid email address(!), then I will reply. Mathilde, j'ai répondu à votre email, mais votre email address ne fonctionne pas!

29/08/2002 : Editions page updated with some details of the 1493 Scinzinzeler incunable, which I saw today.  I've been trying to get hold of some images to put online, ever since this time in 2001, but no luck so far.  However I have hopes, and I met some nice people there who're doing their best for me.

28/08/2002 : Latin text of De Virginibus Velandis with apparatus now online (Bulhart, CSEL 76, 1957).  This appears by the kindness of Dorothea Weber and the Kirchenvaterkommission, with the permission of the publishers.

08/08/2002 : The editions page was originally compiled from the Patrologia Latina bibliography of editions.  I've now gone through the COPAC database as far as 1600, and added missing editions and corrected or added to the original details where possible. I hope to carry on at some point from 1600 on.  Extra translations appear in here, but I haven't updated the works pages yet.

07/08/2002 : Updated editions page to include all items listed by Migne to 1843.  This is more useful than one would think, when away from home and looking at editions.  Also added details of a Catalan selected works volume, "Sobre el baptisme i altres escrits", to the site, thanks to a kind email from Daniel Garcia.  

05/08/2002 : Today I had the chance to examine various editions at Blickling Hall in Norfolk.  I'd like to thank Yvonne Lewis of  the National Trust for making my visit there possible, and useful!  I now have some more bibliographic details to add to the site, which will appear shortly.  Notes added on 1635 companion volume to the 1634 Rigaltius edition.  

31/07/2002 : Added De Labriolle's French translation of De Pudicitia.

29/07/2002 : Added Charpentier's French version of De cultu feminarum - Book 1 and book 2.  I had to compare this at one point with Turcan's modern version (missing chapter number in Charpentier) and C. looks very much like a paraphrase, and not a good one.  But is there anything else available?

Added an Italian translation of the Apologeticum (by Tescari) to the site, and created a page for Italian versions.  Voet's description in detail of the Pamelius, which clarifies the 1579/1583/1584 confusion - it's one book, printed in 1583, but copies were given to Plantin and sold with a new title page with his name in 1584 - placed on a new page about the Pamelius.  Also some biographical details on Gelenius added.

20/07/2002 : Remaining indices for Evans' edition of Adversus Marcionem added.  It took a while, but the whole thing is now complete!  Hurrah!

19/07/2002 : Hartel's Latin text of Pseudo-Tertullian, Genesis, added.  Incidentally, although it has nothing to do with Tertullian, I've been scanning some English translations of the fathers lately - Photius, Macarius Magnes, Philostorgius etc, all available here.

05/07/2002 : Added Kellner's German text of Adversus Iudaeos.

04/07/2002 : Added Latin text (only) of Adversus Iudaeos.  This is Tränkle's text, as I didn't feel safe using Kroymann's.

02/07/2002 : Updated big biblio to add details which were incomplete.

29/06/2002 : Souter's English translation of the Apologeticum added, with the prefatory material from the edition.

28/06/2002 : Kellner's German version of De Idololatria added.  File names changed for other German texts to standardise them.  I hope I have corrected all the links!

22/06/2002 : CSEL 20 text of De Idololatria now online, including apparatus.  Book IV of Evans' translation of Adversus Marcionem added.

21/06/2002 : 4 Slovenian translations now online.  Let's hope for more...

14/06/2002 : Petr KITZLER has kindly let me know that he has published the first translation in Czech of a portion of the Passio Perpetuae, so I've updated the bibliographic details on the Spuria page.  Some time back he sent me an electronic bibliography for De Spectaculis, which I have now incorporated into my page on this work.  Very many thanks indeed!

07/06/2002 : 5 more chapters added to the Brazilian-Portugese version of the Apologeticum.  Fontaine's Latin text of De Corona with apparatus now online.

03/06/2002 : Bibliography to 1882 added.  I hope to add more to this as time goes by, simply for convenience.

01/06/2002 : De Labriolle's French Translation of De Paenitentia added.

31/05/2002 : I have discovered some Slovenian translations of Tertullian online!  There is a site by Fr. Miran Spelic O.F.M. devoted to 'Tertulijan', at http://www2.arnes.si/~supmspel/patres/tertulijan/.   I have written to him, and I hope to mirror these translations here also. 

I have also discovered a collection of quotations from Tertullian at "http://biblefacts.org/history/Tertullian.html".  I'll probably pinch some of these for my own collection!

23/05/2002 : Three more texts added to the Russian translations page; Ad Martyras, De Pallio, De Cultu Feminarum 2.  Also De Pallio page and Works page revised with a bit of Russian bibliography.  And, no, I don't know any Russian, but an online translator can make a lot of things possible!

In response to a email of mine, Dr. Holger Villadsen has version kindly sent me some details of Danish translations, and in fact has a useful patristic bibliography online.  He writes:

Some years ago I together with N. Krogh Rasmussen published a little bibliography about Nordic/Scandinavian translations of patristic writers: 

N. Krogh Rasmussen & H. Villadsen, »Nordiske oversættelser af patristisk litteratur«, in: Lumen 18 (Copenhagen 1975), 72-97.

A revised version of this bibliography can be found at the internet-adress: www.patristik.dk/NPovers.htm. There is a link to Tertullian.

In fact he did much more than this, and sent me a list with the Latin titles identified, which I have processed into the bibliographies.  Thank you very much indeed!  Details added for the Apologeticum, De Testimonio Animae, De Patientia, De Spectaculis, De Anima, De Praescriptione Haereticorum.  Some details, of uncertain contents, I have added to the Works page.  I do in fact have some of these, and when the Fraktur OCR engine becomes available in 2003, I'll look at scanning some in.

18/05/2002 : Kellner's German translation of the Apologeticum added. Works page revised to add short bibliography.

17/05/2002 : German translation of Über die Taufe (De Baptismo) by H. Kellner now online. Updated bibliographies with the Spanish and Portugese translations I found in their national libraries' online catalogues.  No doubt there are more.  I'd like to include Scandinavian translations in the bibliographies.  Unfortunately I can't work out what is what!  Dr. Vincent Hunink, who is working on a new edition of De Pallio, has some information about his project online here.

11/05/02 : Updated all the works bibliographies with 20th century Italian translations from the Florence and Rome online catalogues.  What a lot there are!  Two weeks ago, I was astonished to find in the bookshop in Termini, the Rome Railway station, a Latin-Italian edition of the Apologeticum.  A great compliment to the Italian public.  Also fixed a lot of broken links on the scriptures page, plus a few others.

20/04/2002 : I've just obtained a Spanish translation of three works from 1889 by MANERO: updated bibliographies for the Apologeticum, De Patientia, and De Exhortatione Castitatis (ch.1-4 only, for some reason) with details.  I'll scan this sometime - if I ever get any spare time!

Traversari book 8 letter 36 added.

19/04/2002 : The old name for these pages, 'The Tertullian Home Page', now seems rather antiquated; a relic of the early days of the World Wide Web, when all sorts of things were called '~ Home Page'.  The general move in sites like this one seems to be to call it 'The [Name] Project', since the object is to make material available online.  So I think we'll do the same, although it will be a while before I've updated every reference on the site.  I'll also revise the About... page. But as of today, The Tertullian Project is born!

This week my thanks go to Linda Nicol of Cambridge University Press, who has given permission for the portion of A.L. William's "Adversus Judaeos" devoted to Tertullian to appear online.  Many thanks!  Now online here.  In the last week or two I've had some rather less helpful people in the publishing trade to deal with, who shall be nameless.  But each time I encounter unpleasantness, it does deter me from seeking further permissions.

Bardenhewer Patrology extract formatting changed.  Alterations to Apologeticum bibliography: Ritter edition, and 1797 Kleuker German translation added, as I saw these advertised on www.zvab.com

13/04/2002 : Verse number and anchors added to ANF text of Adv. Marc. 1.  Ambrogio Traversari, book 8 letter 2 added.  I've also created an index page for these bits by Traversari.  Also book 8 letter 35.  Traversari's letters really should all be online.  However all I have is a few pages (those about Tertullian).  Also, the quality of the photocopies is so bad, that I can't scan them using OCR - all these I typed in by hand.  I will try to  get all the bits about Tertullian online; I only wish someone would find a way to do the lot.

12/04/2002 : Various typos fixed.  Details of Czech translations added to the Apologeticum page - thanks to Petr Kitzler in the Czech Republic for these.  Some online resources for manuscript abbreviations added to the links page.

03/04/2002 : Adversus Marcionem IV (Evans) - Latin text added.

01/04/2002 : Kellner's translation of Vom Kranze des Soldaten (De Corona), 1915, added.

30/03/2002 : Charpentier's version of De corona in antique French added.

29/03/2002 : Bibliographies added to all the pages on individual works from Quasten.  Out of date, yes, but better than nothing.

A. BOURGERY, Le problème de l'Institutum Neronianum added. J. CARCOPINO, Survivances par substitution des sacrifices d'enfants dans l'Afrique romaine added. P. DE LABRIOLLE, Tertullien a-t-il connu une version latine de la Bible? added. F. DI CAPUA, Tertulliano, Apologetico, 47, 6 added. J. W. Ph. BORLEFFS, Tertullian und Lucrez added.

28/03/2002 : Article by A. MIODONSKI, "O świadectwie duszy" Tertulliana. (Tertullian de testimonio animae) added.  F. X. FUNK, Tertullien et l'Agape (Apol. 39) added. F. X. FUNK, La question de l'agape - un dernier mot added. F. H. COLSON, Tertullian on Luke VI. Two examples of literary and rhetorical criticism in the Fathers added. J. F. BETHUNE-BAKER, Tertullian's use of substantia, natura, and persona added.

26/03/2002 : Bibliographies added to various pages on individual works. Charpentier French translation of De Patientia added.  The Oxford movement translation by C. Dodgson of Ad Martyras added.  I got this last from the BNF in Paris, of all places.  However since they wanted a lot of money per page, that was all I copied.

23/03/2002 : Updated the De Pallio page with some bibliography.  Also Ugo Bratelli has kindly scanned in De Genoude's translation of this for us all.  I've also found references to some manuscripts of Tertullian online at the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library site, including a NEW manuscript of the Apologeticum at Seitenstetten (Stiftsbibliothek MS 30).  I've updated the Apologeticum MSS page with the details I have, and also details of other MSS from the same source, and also a page for Codex Vindobonensis 3256.  Also added bibliography to the Apologeticum page.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been very busy lately, and feeling very tired indeed.  For health reasons, I really need to do less in my life at the moment.  Don't expect too much for a month or two!

A footnote: today I received a copy of Kroymann's Quaestiones Tertullianea Criticae, which I bought via abebooks.com from Burgersdijk & Niermans of Leiden.  When I opened it, I found a little stamp on the endleaf 'J.H.Waszink'.  I saw that B & N had a few Tertullian books, so if you're after volumes from Waszink's bookshelf, it's probably worth getting in touch with them.

08/03/2002 : Ugo Bratelli has kindly scanned De Genoude's A Scapula for us.  It's on the French translations page.

01/03/2002 : Modified the editions page - apparently the Locatellus is a fresh edition, while the Scinzenzeler is not.  Book number added to the Traversari letters.

My trip to Paris this week went well, and I now have a readers card for the Bibliothèque Nationale, and met lots of nice people there.  I had the opportunity to examine the Codex Agobardinus, and made some notes about it.  It's actually about the same size as a volume of the CCSL.  I also went to the new building for the modern literature, the Tolbiac.  Unfortunately this is run along the lines of the British Library, which means everything has to be ordered and no browsing is possible.  The similarities go even down to having exactly the same charge for photocopying (25p = 30c per page, not per opening!).  Methinks I smell a rat!  Of course this is an impossible charge, and it means I was unable to obtain a single line of French translations of Tertullian.  In fact all they would let me look at was a microfiche of Genoude, price per two-page print 2.50Euros (£1.50).  Since the whole is 1500 pages, this would cost around 1500.00 Euros or £1000!!!  So I need to look elsewhere for a copy of this.  On a more positive note, I have ordered a photocopy of Kroymann's Quaestiones, at a more reasonable price than either of the above, which is a big step forward if it actually arrives.  A very successful day, although a long one - 4am-midnight = 20 hours!  My thanks to everyone who prayed for me or wished me well.  

23/02/2002 : The Tertullian entry from Bardenhewer's Patrology (1901) added, to improve material for newcomers.  De Labriolle, Vestiges d''apocryphes dans le De Paenitentia deTertullien xii, 9, added with translation. 

22/02/2002 : I've been making minor alterations in various places.  The only one worth noticing here is some changes to the De ieiunio page.  I've also linked in some more bits that I had forgotten or overlooked to the Online Books and Articles page.  There are now so many pages on the site that I'm afraid things get lost!

16/02/2002 : I've added Ambrogio Traversari's Ep. 9.  This concerns the arrival of Tertullian in Italy in the renaissance, and Cardinal Orsini's MS (now F).  I do have more of these letters, but the photocopy I have is very bad, and I practically had to correct every word, which makes them very hard to scan, and very time-consuming.  This little letter took ages!  I'll try photocopying the photocopies, and see if the results are any better.  I've also just typed in Ambrogio Traversari's Ep. 8.  It was quicker than correcting the OCR!  Also John Leland, The New Year's Gift added.

Added J.R.Liddell's article, 'Leland's' Lists of Manuscripts in Lincolnshire Monasteries.  This gives a 'Tertulianus' at Bardeney, which seems to be Adv. Marc. IV.  I've never seen this referred to elsewhere.  I've also slightly revised the Corpus Cluniacense page to mention it, and an MS in Hungary.

Revised the Latin texts of Evans' Marc to remove scanner artefacts.  Do let me know if you find errors, so I can fix them - I only have one pair of eyes, and your contributions are very welcome.

15/02/2002 : Added a note to the links page about the TOCS-IN bibliographic search engine.  It returns results if you put 'Tertull' in the subject - but you also get a list of articles online.  I tried this for 'Tacit' also.  Very useful, particularly for out-of-field searches, and a first for the internet as far as I know.

11/02/2002 : Added Hugo Koch's note on De execrandis gentium diis.  Added Evans' English translation of Adversus Marcionem Book 3.  Book 4 is rather a problem, as it's 126 pages - three times the size of book 3.  If I did a page every 5 minutes, the Latin would take 10 hours to proof.  This is longer than I tend to have available.  

I've just purchased a copy of the 1608 Pamelius reprint, which arrived today, and is too large to go on my scanner.  Now that is a challenge...

Revised the De Spectaculis page.  Added fairly complete bibliography, revised the Latin and English texts and added verse numbers.

Revised the Cluny Collection page and made minor changes to a number of MSS-related pages.  I really need to redo this whole area, as it isn't very logically arranged or easy to grasp for a newcomer.  Sometime...

09/02/2002 : H. Kellner's German translation of De Pallio now online.  For some reason this was much harder to scan than I recalled, so look out for typographical errors.  I don't have copies of any more pages from the Kempten BKV2 so there won't be any more of this for a while - sorry.  Bibliography revised some more on the De Spectaculis page, but still more to do.

08/02/2002 : Liette RÉAU's French translation of Ad Martyras from Connaissance des Pères de l'Église added, by kind permission of Éditions Nouvelle Cité.  My grateful thanks to Marie-Anne VANNIER for arranging this.  Heinrich Kellner's German translation of Ad Martyras from the BKV 2nd edition added, together with some title page and forword pages.  Also revised the bibliography for the Ad Martyras page.  Began to revise the De Spectaculis page, but ran out of time (it now being 22:56 hrs), and added a note to the De Patientia page.

02/02/2002 : Note about Janus Parrhasius and Antonio Seripandi added to the page on the Naples manuscript (V).  I came across this in general reading, and thought I'd add it in.  A. Decker's text of the Cologne Cathedral catalogue of 833 now online, including 2 plates of the catalogue.  I didn't scan this, as portions were in a very nasty Fraktur font - it was done by Patrick Sahle for the Electronic Cologne Cathedral website, to whom many thanks.  I've placed a copy here for convenience, as it can be difficult to find on that site.  Larger versions of the plates are there.

01/02/2002 : Evans Adversus Marcionem Latin text for Book 3 added.

On Wednesday the 27th February I will be taking a day-trip by air to Paris to try to obtain access to the Bibliothèque Nationale Français; to the journals, early editions and of course the manuscripts.  Since I'm an amateur rather than an academic on the staff of a university (although I think I have legitimate reason to have access), it's a bit nerve-wracking and I'm not at all sure they'll let me in.  Wish me luck!  Ask the Lord to help me.  I hope to come back with lots of photocopies, particularly of bits of De Genoude's French text from 1852; and if I can get access, I'll do a few days there another time.

26/01/2002 : Waszink's text of Ps.Tertullian De Iudicio Domini added.  Migne's text of Ps. Tertullian Ad Senatorem ex Christiana relione ad idolorum servitutem conversum.  I've revised the Spurious Works page again - reorder, lots more bibliography, and (now I've heard about him) a section on Cyprianus Gallus.  There is still more to do here for most of the poems, but I've run out of time this weekend to do much more.

25/01/2002 : De Labriolle's translation into French of De Praescriptione Haereticorum has been added.  Another inventory of Corbie (Becker §136) has been added.

Copyright notices added to the four articles from Vigiliae Christianae on the Library page.  My thanks to Brill Academic Publishers for their kind  permission to keep this material online, although at the moment they don't want me to put any more online, as they hope to sell the articles on CDROM.  My thanks also to Dr. J.C.M. Van Winden for taking an interest in this.

19/01/2002 : Latin for Carmen De Iona Prophetae added.  Spurious Works page revised to create something for the work, and some sort of bibliography.  I could find nothing later than 1853.  Surely there is some modern work?

I've revised the section on the Passio Perpetuae in the Spurious Works page and added a rather longer bibliography.  This is still unsatisfactory for several reasons: I have no access to  bibliography between 1950 and 1975 for this work; I don't know what's good and what isn't; and since the volume of work is so great, a more or less random selection is not going to be good.  I've added in all the editions and translations I know of (probably only a fraction), but that will have to do for now.  I suspect that I will have to split this page into several parts soon.  Slight revision of link on Ad Scapulam page.

18/01/2002 : Dr. Turcan-Verkerk has very kindly slipped me a few more details of the new article on De Execrandis Gentium Diis while I'm waiting for the article itself to arrive.  So I've revised slightly the Spurious Works and Lost Works and Codex Agobardinus pages.  Jacques Poucet has kindly proof-read M. Charpentier's 1844 French translation of De Baptismo.  I've also corrected a defective link on the French translations page to the Apologeticum.

12/01/2002 : A fascinating piece of news has reached me from Dr. Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk about De Execrandis Diis.  Together with Dr. Marie Turcan, she has advanced the theory in a new article that this work may be a portion of De superstitione saeculi.  Bibliographic details on the Spurious Works page.  I can't wait  to read the article!

M. Charpentier's 1844 French translation of De Baptismo added.  While scanning this, I started to have doubts about how good this translation is.  But what is the alternative?

Heinrich Kellner's German translation of Ad Scapulam added, from the Kempten BKV edition.  This seems to scan very easily, which makes it the more surprising that no German-speaker has done so.  I only have photocopies of this and Ad Martyres and De Testimonio from this edition, so I'll probably add those sometime soon.  The rest will have to wait.  It's the formatting, not the scanning, that takes the time.

T.H. Bindley, Tertullian. On the Testimony of the Soul and on The "Prescription" of Heretics, SPCK (1914), now online.  This contains some English translations and a few not very interesting notes.  I've included the adverts at the back of the volume - am I the only one who finds these fascinating, in an old book?

Dr & Mme Jacques Poucet, who run the Bibliotheca Classica Selecta site with many French translations of ancient literature, have very kindly read through and corrected the Waltzing text of the Apologeticum for me - thank you! 

09/01/2002 : ANF English translation of De Ieiunio revised to add verse numbers.  J.P. Waltzing's 1914 French translation of the Apologeticum added.

08/01/2002 : Ad Nationes page revised - some extra bibliography added.  English text of Evans' Adversus Marcionem Book 5 added.

04/01/2002 : Latin text of Adversus Marcionem book 5 added, in Evans' edition.  Spurious Works page revised, and new entry written for Carmen Adversus Marcionitas.

02/01/2002 : A belated happy new year!  I'd wanted to write a bit of editorial to start the new year, but instead I've been ill in bed.  Something I started before Christmas - I've added Ad Nationes Book I and Book II using Borleffs' text (only) from CCSL 1 (Brepols, 1954).  The apparatus for this edition will present a challenge if I try to get copyright clearance, I think, so I have left that. 

Next up will be book 5 of Adversus Marcionem, as I've had a request for it.  I'm always willing to consider requests!


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