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1635 : (RIGALTIUS) : Folio.  This isn't an edition, but a collection of commentary.  Unlike most of his predecessors, Rigaltius didn't just reprint the Pamelius with minor alterations, but instead created a completely new edition.  However, this meant that the accumulated reference information - notes by Rhenanus, etc - that the Pamelius reprints had acquired was omitted.  This volume contains all of that reference information, as a companion volume to the Rigaltius edition.  Not listed in Migne.  Checked.

COPIES: Norwich Cathedral Library (*) -- Oxford Early Books Project list: Corpus, Christ Church, Pusey, Queens, Trinity, University -- National Trust: Blicking Hall (*).  Copies marked with an asterisk have been seen by me personally.


(These notes from the Blickling copy).  Size: 390mm x 255.  Margins etc marked up with red lines (see title page).  Two title pages, each with blank verso.  (1).  IN || Q. SEPT. FLORENTIS || TERTVLLIANI || OPERA || ANNOTATIONES DIVERSORVM   (2).  IACOBI || PAMELII || BRVGENSIS THEOLOGI || ARCHDIACONI AVDOMAROPLOLITANI || ARGVMENTA ET ANNOTATIONES || IN Q. SEP. FL. TERTVLLIANI OPERA || quibus adiectae sunt Annotationes diversorum. || OMNIA TEXTVI EDITIONIS V. CL. || NICOLAI RIGALTII I. C. respondentia. || [picture] || PARISIUS, || Sumptibus MATHVRINI DV PVIS, viâ Iacobæâ, || sub signo Coronæ || M.DC.XXXV.

Second title page image 

[Picture by permission of the National Trust, Blickling Hall]

The verso is blank.  The next page commences BIBLIOPOLA LECTORI and continues for 1½ pages.  The lower half of the second page is a contents:

INDEX AVCTORVM || qui in hoc volumine continentur. || IACOBI PAMELII   pag. 1 || LATINI LATINII  p. 781 || BEATI RHENANI  p. 791 || IO. MERCERII I.C. p.907 || EMVNDI RICHERII p.928 || THEODORI MARCELLII  p.932 || IOAN à VVOVVER  p. 972 || GABRIELIS ALBASPINI, Aurelianensis || Episcopi  p.1000

Page 1 is preceded by normal Pamelius introductory material.


No references available to me.


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