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These pages undergo revision at intervals, depending on available material and, of course, the availability of time. There are now quite a few pages on this site. This page is intended to facilitate the reading of anyone who looks in regularly.  Older announcements are available from the links at the bottom of the page.

21/12/2001 : Prof. Harm Pinkster of Mnemosyne has kindly sorted out copyright clearance for Borleffs' article Zur Luxemburger Tertullianhandschrift from that publication - thank you very much!  When I started these pages in 1997, no-one worried about online copyrights.  However times change, and we must change with them.  It is my intention to go through the material on this site and make sure everything has clearance.  This will mainly affect the journal articles, and will take some time.  But at least I have begun.

Review of Petitmengin, L'Édition de Tertullien, De Nicolas Rigault à Migne, added to the bibliography page.  I couldn't help feeling the article has a cinematic quality, which would make an interesting TV programme.  Now if only I knew some producers:  <loud voice>"Starring Sylvester Stallone as Nicolas Rigault, and Arnold Schwartzennegger as Fr. Jacques-Paul Migne...!?"  Maybe not yet.

This week I acquired a curious volume of books and articles bound together.  It seems to have been the property of C. Callewaert.  It includes a copy of Thierry's De fuga with MS annotations.  This came from AbeBooks, which I commend to anyone looking for out-of-print Tertullianea.

I hope to take a bit of a break over Christmas, although you'll see if I can resist the lure of the laptop PC.  May I wish all Tertullianists everywhere a very merry Christmas.

15/12/2001 : Book II of Evans' edition of Adversus Marcionem is now online.

14/12/2001 : Verse numbers and anchors added to ANF text of De Paenitentia.

08/12/2001 : I've started work on Evans' edition of Adversus Marcionem - book I now online.  What a difference FineReader makes!

07/12/2001 : Your Christmas Tertullian is here! - De Paenitentia, in Borleffs' version (CSEL 76, 1957).  I'm sorry there is no apparatus - I was going to include it, but my eyes started hurting.  Hopefully I can add this later.  I did this with FineReader, and it did a super job.  Of course if you find any errata please let me know.  

Extra bibliography added for the carmen adversus marcionitas to the Spurious Works page.

01/12/2001 : I've added the last page to the Evans' edition of De Baptismo - the indexes at the end.  I had hoped to make the page numbers clickable, but I simply haven't had the time (it will  take a couple of days to do, and I haven't got a spare couple of days).  So you can have the text plain for now.  ANF references on 'Works' pages updated.

30/11/2001 : Detailed bibliographic info added for the Ante-Nicene Fathers.

23/11/2001 : Jos Fernandes Vidal's translation of Tertuliano Apologia cc.1-30 into Brazilian-Portugese added.  Wm. Reeve's translation of the Apologeticum added.  A bit of a paraphrase in super 18th century prose!  It has lots of old-fashioned (but quite interesting) notes.  The text dates from 1709-1717 and this is the 1889 reprint.  Apologeticum page updated.  ANF index page updated to include a reference.

21/11/2001 : Harnack's article Tertullians Bibliothek christlicher Schriften added.  This is the first done using FineReader, and I've left it in the font choices made by that programme for now.  Anyone feel it is better?  Worse?  I'll do a translation sometime...

16/11/2001 : The big news this week is that I have just received a NEW article by Pierre Petitmengin, L'Édition de Tertullien, De Nicolas Rigault à Migne, Tempus Edax Rerum: Le bicentenaire de la Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (1798-1998), Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg 2001, pp.27-39.  This includes a plate of a page from the Luxembourg MS, and the cover of the PL.  Subject is the editions from Rigault to Migne, including the abortive efforts of the Maurists, and, as ever, with details of new witnesses to the text, and dozens of illuminating and interesting snippets.  Some good diagrams too - much harder to create than you'd imagine unless you've tried (I know from experience).  A review will appear as soon as I get enough time to do it justice.   An absolute essential for every Tertullianist, and a delight to read and re-read!  Not much in the way of footnotes, though, as Petitmengin's long-awaited meisterwerk, "La transmission et l'étude de Tertullien" will reveal all.  (Good to know it's still under way!).  I owe my knowledge of it and a copy to the kindness of Dr. Petitmengin.  I hope the British Library buy a copy.  Perhaps I should try to order the whole volume, just to motivate them to do so...

Links page revised to include a link to EDENDA, a guide to work in progress on new editions.  

From EDENDA, I learn that Dr. Vincent Hunink, who has published an edition of Apuleius, is now at work on a new edition and translation of De Pallio.  The translation will be the first into English since 1870.  

I ought to add that I have now acquired a copy of Abbyy Finereader, which is the best OCR software I have yet seen.  Watch this space!

03/11/2001 : Verse numbers and anchors added to ANF text of De praescriptione, and footnotes corrected.  Latin text commented and last sentence added to allow readers to see a major difference.  Trithemius page slightly revised.  D'Ales' Tertullien De Baptismo V added with English translation.

27/10/2001 : D. Powell, Tertullianists and Cataphrygians, is now online.  I did also attempt to scan Harnack's article on Tertullian's library, but the software fought me and after 5 hours last night I gave up!  I'm going to try Abbyy Finereader, which I have on order.

Latin text of De Testimonio Animae reformatted and verse numbers and anchors added.  Also verse numbers and anchors added to the ANF text, the page on this work updated, and a quote added to the quotes page. 

26/10/2001 : Some notes on the 1701 Latin-French edition of the Apologeticum by Giry added.

13/10/2001 : M.R. JAMES, The Wanderings and Homes of Manuscripts, added.

12/10/2001 : French translation of De Spectaculis added from the 'net; and some more Russian ones!  My thanks to Fr. Michael Blain of St. Michael's, Wellington, New Zealand, who has kindly advised me that he has a copy of the Rigault edition of 1675 (the lucky chap got it for almost nothing!); and also that the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours  contains a portion of De Oratione 28-29.  Thus there are quite a number of translations of this passage around from that source, in various languages.  A couple of English versions are online here, and I expect there are more around.  

05/10/2001 : Praedestinatus page updated with notes on the MS tradition and a few more bibliographical bits; also the fragments page.  The new information comes from Gori's edition in the CCSL of this work, of which I have a photocopy.

04/10/2001 : M.R.James, Two Ancient English Scholars : St Aldhelm and William of Malmesbury added, and Thomson's Identifiable books from the pre-Conquest library of Malmesbury Abbey updated to link to it.  These discuss the English tradition of the Apologeticum.  It is very easy for me to scan material in English, as the software is now very good.  I hope I may be forgiven for adding material of perhaps lesser interest, simply because I have the time to do quick bits, but not more.

29/09/2001 : A few reviews, including one by Callewaert of Thörnell's Studia Tertullianea, from BACL 1 (1929) are now online here, with English translation.  I've also put online a short page on whether Tertullian used the Octavius of Minucius Felix.  Rather than share my ignorance, I've quoted Hardwick's summary of the subject, together with a few snippets from the Chronica Tertullianea which give an idea of the state of scholarship on the subject.

03/09/2001 : Latin text (only) of De Praescriptione Haereticorum added, from Refoule's 1957 edition.  Also Latin text (only) of Adversus Omnes Haereses, from Oehler's 1851 editio maior.  I've also added verse numbers to the latter, and to the ANF translation of it, and rewritten the details on the work in the Spurious works page.  Also the Latin text (only) of De execrandis gentium diis, from Oehler again.

18/08/2001 : Latin text (only) of De Oratione added, from Diercks 1956 edition.  I'd like to add an apparatus, but this will have to be some other day.

Meyer's further article on the lost Greek Irenaeus and Hegesippus added, with English translation.  This doesn't mean I've lost interest in Tertullian - merely that this article arrived, and I didn't feel up to doing a lot of hard work today.

10/08/2001 : I've finally finished the horrid task of transcribing the 80 pages of notes in Evans' De Baptismo, which I've been working on for some months.  Italics every other line; Greek every page; even some Hebrew (His compositor must have hated him).  All that remains is the indexes at the back of this book, and it will be done.  

03/08/2001 : Links page updated.  The Cologne Dombibliothek have a splendid site, which includes Decker's article on the 833 catalogue, and even a photograph of the first page of the lost catalogue, make by Decker and unearthed from somewhere!  Also a new paleography site.

21/07/2001 : I've added a page, Annotationes, containing an interesting note by a real scholar, Dr. Pierre Petitmengin, the acknowledged expert on the transmission of the text of Tertullian from antiquity to our own times.  Dr Petitmengin has given the academic community an enormous amount of original material on this subject.  This site is not a venue for original research as the internet is still an impermanent medium.  The academic journal is the right place for the publication of original research.  So I am all the more grateful that he has allowed this note to be made available here.

I've also updated the Quotes page, and I've worked over the ANF translation of the Apology, adding verse numbers (and bookmarks for those verses) from the Becker text.  I hope to review its footnotes and other material next.  The bookmarks will mean I can hyperlink directly to a verse.  It is my intention to devise a way for us to link directly to any verse in Tertullian, in Latin, English and any other version I can make available.  To this end I have been teaching myself how to write FrontPage macros - a page about it appears on my personal pages.

14/07/2001 : Complete text (279 pp) of Roberts, R.E., The Theology of Tertullian, Epworth Press, London (1924) now online.  My thanks to the Editorial Secretary of Epworth Press, the Revd. Gerald Burt, for granting permission for this volume to appear here.

WARNING:  I have been checking the footnotes and text of the introduction to the ANF texts.  The footnotes are often missing, or do not relate to the correct text.  The text itself is missing chunks.  I will try to rectify this.  Let us hope these errors are not a feature of the texts also.

13/07/2001 : Added links to Bill Williams' searcheable concordances for the ANF texts to the main page.

06/07/2001 : Latin text of Ad Scapulam corrected.  Verses added to ANF of same, with bookmarks to making linking easier, and a few typos also.  Article on Bernardinus Benalius the printer of the first incunable placed online with English translationT.F.Dibdin's 1827 list of Tertullian's early editions placed online.

25/06/2001 : D'Ales Tertullien chez Bede? added, with English translation.  An excerpt of D'Ales, Adhemar, La Théologie de Tertullian, 3e ed. (1905).  pp.221-3 (On the Inspiration of Scripture) online.  Also in English.  I've also added Becker's text of the Apologeticum, which I found on Ulrich Harsch's site.  Bindley's translation of Ad Martyras added.

23/06/2001 : While I was  unwell lately, I took the chance to read a complete run of the Spectator of Addison and Steele.  I have placed number 470 online, as it seemed appropriate to much of what is present on this site.  (I also added number 90).

Library page revised to access all articles directly.  Mason on Tertullian and Purgatory added.  Bardon, Courcelle reviews of Diercks, and Evans on O'Malley added.

22/06/2001 : The second medieval library catalogue (s.XII) of the Benedictine abbey of Corbie is now online here.  Transcribed from Becker's Catalogi.

21/06/2001 : A wonderful new web site with an online course in Paleography has just come online, complete with full illustrations.  The author, Fernando-Jesús de Lasala Claver, S.J., has made it available in Italian, Spanish and English.  It's great!  The URL is "http://www.unigre.it/pubblicazioni/lasala/index.htm". 

20/06/2001 : I've added copies of these Russian translations to the site here, and linked to them from the appropriate pages.

15/06/2001 : No new material, but I have found a site with Russian translations online, by Victor Kalashnikov.  URL is http://www.areopag.com/library_tertullian_e.html

01/06/2001 : Nothing new.  Please bear with me if things are a bit quiet over the next few weeks.  The government demands that I produce lots of unpaid paperwork at this time each year.  Lots of stuff coming up:- wait and see!

My thanks to Fiona at Sussex University Special Collections for sending me the catalogue details for the 1502 Lactantius/Tertullian: these now appear on the Editions page. 

18/05/2001 : Editions page revised.

12/05/2001 : Greenslade's translation of De Praescriptione Haereticorum is now online.  My thanks to Hannah Scurrell for doing the proof-reading of the raw output from OCR.

11/05/2001 : Clark typos corrected.  Paris BN Lat. 13047 binding details added.  Additional catalogue notes added.  Editions page revised.

05/05/2001 : A non-Tertullian article, A.C.Clark The reappearance of the texts of the classics has been added.

28/04/2001 : The Corbie page and the Russian Apologeticum page have been updated - I'm reading David Ganz' excellent book on Corbie.  For the same reason a page on Paris B.N. Lat. 13047 has been started, although of course we need Kroymann's article on this online sometime.  Likewise a page on Paris, B.N.Lat.1623.

My thanks go to Dorothea Weber, the KirchenVaterKommission, and the publisher, OE-HPT, for their kind permission to place some or all of the CSEL Tertullian online.  

Likewise my thanks to Oxford University Press for their permission to place Evans' edition of Adversus Marcionem online.

All of these permissions mean I have much more stuff to digistise than I have time.  At the moment I'm experimenting with hiring some people to help me with in proofing and formatting text - there are lots of issues in how to manage this process.

17/04/2001 : An English translation of Oehler's Preface has been added.  

16/04/2001 : Mesnart page updated.  I now have a digital image of an entire copy of this edition.  Unfortunately I do not have enough disk space on this site to place it online.  I have started to make enquires to see if I can get some space somewhere on JANET, but without success so far.  If there is anyone who can suggest a way forward, people to talk to, organisations to apply to, I would be grateful for the information.  Eventually I would like to place images of the entire corpus of early editions online and make them available to the world.  Please contact me, if you have any suggestions, or use the Feedback form.

14/04/2001 : I have updated the Corbie and Corpus Corbeiense pages, and added some notes on Novatian's De cibis Iudaicis from Corbie.  My thanks to Dr. Robert Kraft for reminding me about this work, and its importance as a 'flag' helping us to see the migrations of texts.

08/04/2001 : Moreschini's review of Evans' Adv. Marc. added to the the Books and Articles Online page, with a English translation.  Also introduction to Evans edition of De Baptismo, and Latin/English moved to common folder.  The notes will follow.  The page for the whole edition now here.

30/03/2001 : A few more reviews on the Books and Articles Online page.

23/03/2001 : Some reviews added on the Books and Articles Online page. The good, the bad and the ugly!  Translations into English at the bottom, where needed.

17/03/2001 : I've added some details on Ulrich Scinzenzeler, who printed the Apologeticum at Milan in 1494.  Translation of the Decretum Gelasianum updated after comparison of part V against Hennecke-Schneemelcher.

09/03/2001 : Brief bibliographies for Bernardinus Benalius and Uldericus Scinzenzeler added to the Editions page; for Tristanus Chalcus and Giorgio Merula to the MS BL Add. 21187 page.  My sincere thanks to Dr. Kristian Jensen at the British Library for helping me out with these references, which I intend to read as and when they arrive.  Also for kindly supplying the location of a copy of the Scinzenzeler incunable in the UK, for which I have been searching for some time.  Many thanks.

I've now tried switching font styles on the site from Verdana to Georgia.  Anyone feel this is better/worse?  Do let me know if the new style makes your eyes go wibbly!

05/03/2001 : A photographic copy, at 600dpi, of the Bernardinus Benalius incunable (pre-1493) of the Apologeticum is now online.  The quality is poor, because I'm no photographer.  However I think it's perfectly legible.  I've had these photographs on my hard disk for some time, and since they are better than nothing, they may as well be available here instead.  I'm learning by trial and error, so don't expect too much.  However I am now looking around for some professional advice, so that the next ones I do may be rather better.   Currently I'm looking at the possibilities provided by TASI (http://www.tasi.gov.uk), who've given me a few tips already. Offers of help/advice/disk space very welcome!  I'll redo these photographs once I know how to do them better.

02/03/2001 : I have now received permission to place online the 5 works that Ernest Evans did as critical editions for SPCK in the 1950's.  My thanks to Mo Dingle at SPCK for her very kind help with this.  De Baptismo will probably be first, as being closest to hand, and thereafter as opportunity permits.  I am also exploring a couple of other editions with the copyright holders which may be useful to all.

The Jerome page revised with the new links to the Oxford manuscript of the Chronicon.  My thanks to Dr. Katharine Ferguson at the Libraries Automation Service in Oxford for the links, and for bringing the site back online.  An English translation of Kroymann's classic study of the manuscripts, Kritische Vorbarbeiten, is now online; the original German text has been revised a little. Also various minor changes to other pages.

19/01/2001 : Paul McKechnie's article on De Pallio and Life in Roman Carthage is now online.  My thanks to Dr. McKechnie for his permission to do so, and also for his kindness in sending me the text in electronic form, thereby saving me quite a bit of work.  Zahn on the lost Greek text of Irenaeus and the lost Hegesippus has also been put online - not really relevant, but interesting anyway so why not?  I've also done an English Translation of Zahn.

12/01/2001 : Added little image of manuscript of Chronicon to Jerome's biography of Tertullian.  The full-size images of that manuscript should be accessible again.

06/01/2001 : A.D.Nock's article on Pagan Baptisms in Tertullian added.  Dom G.D. Schlegel's article on the Ad Martyras and its circumstances of composition also added, although I did repent of this one part way through correcting it.

01/01/2001 : Happy new year!  I've added a non-Tertullian article to the site, Clarence Forbes' Books for the Burning.  This discusses acts of deliberate book destruction in antiquity.  Also R.W.Hunt, The Need for a Guide to the Editors of Patristic Texts in the 16th Century is now online.  Also A.W.Reed's list of John Clement's books from the chancery suit to recover them that Clement initiated under Mary I.

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