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This page takes a while to download, so I've split out these older announcements.

31/12/99 : Photo of  Rigaltius main title page added.  Ante-Nicene Fathers translations moved onto this site so you can search them.

28/12/99 : Details on the Rigaltius edition added.  List of editions modified.

18/12/99 : Your Christmas present for 1999!  The Latin text of De Ieiunio from CSEL 20/CCL 2 has been uploaded.  It seems somehow rather seasonal!

17/12/99 : Site administration page added so I can put statistics programs on it.

16/12/99 : The English versions of Borleffs on the Luxembourg ms and Kroymann on the Italian mss have been revised to improve readability and remove some errors.

10/12/99 : All pages should now carry a functioning hit counter.

10/12/99 : Reference to Greg Hays' online bibliography for Fulgentius the Mythographer(who quotes De Fato) updated to http://www.people.virginia.edu/~bgh2n/fulgbib.html.    Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately - I've been working on the Latin Translator and trying to find out how to get the tertullian.org site properly functional.   I've got lots more stuff to upload when I next get a break!  Thanks to all the kind people who have emailed me this autumn and encouraged me with their own enthusiasm for Tertullian. I've also started to add hit counters to the pages so I can see what's popular (or otherwise).

05/11/99 : These pages have moved!  The new site is at www.tertullian.org.  The old site at www.chieftainsys.demon.co.uk will disappear during February 2000, so please reset your bookmarks.  The old site is no longer being updated.

27/09/99 : Latin text of De Pallio added.

24/09/99 : Latin pages updated with better information about where they came from.  Thanks to Ulrich Harsch for his kind assistance here.   Bibliography updated a bit - also page on Rediscovery, because I've been reading Sabbadini.

The pace of change on these pages will slow down a bit in the next 2-3 months as I work on my Latin translator.  However there is still a lot I want to put up here.  In particular I hope to add full-colour images of one of the MSS of the Apologeticum once I've worked out how to illuminate it properly so I can photograph it - I'm learning more about photography at the moment than I ever wanted to know.  But I hope the results will be worth it.  I also hope to acquire a proper URL for this site in due course.

Very sincere thanks to Dr. Ian Balfour for encouraging me to go along to the Oxford Patristics Conference last month, and for introducing me to so many interesting and helpful people, and also for showing me a very kind entry for this site in the Chronica Tertullianea et Cyprianea.  All in all a very enjoyable and educational experience, even for the one day I was there.

30/08/99 : Page on Renaissance Rediscovery of Tertullian added.  Incunables revised.  Bibliography extended and revised.

28/08/99 : Results of inspection of Oxford MSS of Apologeticum added.  Latin text of Ad Martyres added.

27/08/99 : Some notes and a bitmap of the St. Petersburg Apologeticum added, from Bischoff.  I now have a fair bit more material on the Oxford MSS from a trip there to attend the XIII International Conference on Patristics, which will be uploaded in due course.  Migne page updated for revised web site address to publishers.

01/08/99 : Notes added to Adv. Praxean, Apologeticum, Ad Nationes, based on some of the searches people have done lately.  Also some notes I wrote on the content of De pudicitia, and some amendments to the quotations page.

18/07/99 : English version of Dekkers article on mss fragments added.

11/07/99 : Extracts of Manitius' list of authors in medieval libraries added.

10/07/99 : The Commentarium of Niccolo Niccoli added.

08/07/99 : Images added to BL Addit. 21187 (Apologeticum).

05/07/99 : Dekkers' article on the recent mss fragments added.  Bibliography added to.  More MS catalogue stuff added.

03/07/99 : Extra notes and link to website for Fulgentius the Mythographer on the Fragments page.

12/06/99 : Working notes of catalogues of medieval monasteries added.  For my own benefit!

11/06/99 : Pictures of pages from 1494 Apologeticum added.

29/05/99 : Catalogue entry for Balliol MS added.   Codex lists updated.  Pages added for lost MSS of Hirsau, Cologne, Corbie.

22/05/99 : British Library MSS of Apologeticum - details added.  Editions page modified from BL info.

21/05/99 : Page on Trithemius and De Extasi added, with text.

15/05/99 : Fragments page updated with some translations.   Extra ref added to the Noddy guide to Rankin's study.

30/04/99 : De testimonio added.  References to Wilmart De cibis, Tabbernee Remnants and Roberts on P52 added to bibliography.

08/04/99 : Minor modifications to editions pages - Junius pages revisted, translation of Modius page (and better bitmap) added.

02/04/99 : List of witnesses updated.  Fragments of Tertullian added.  Latin page and lost works page updated.

30/03/99 : Bibliography updated, Roberts & Skeat, Gordan added.

28/03/99 : Translation of Kroymann's Die Tertullian-Ueberlieferung added.

13/03/99 : MSS of the Apologeticum updated.  Must remember to check if the Greek bits in the Latin texts are correct online.

27/02/99 : Latin texts of Apologeticum and De Spectaculis added. Minor tweaks to the corresponding information pages.

26/02/99 : Bibliography updated - articles by Petitmengin, Errata, and Von Buren added. Corpus Cluniacense page updated. Lorsch MS page updated. Adv. Valentinianos, De Ieiunio, and Montanism pages updated.

14/02/99 : Page on lost Lorsch codex added.

30/01/99 : Details of Migne's Series - Patrologiae Cursus Completus now in print added to the Early Editions page, with links to Brepols who intend to keep it that way. Also entry on Sources Chretiennes editions, and a link to their magnificent site, and also to l'Annee Philologique. Also details of a couple of Aldine editions, and a link to the Selestat library.

29/01/99 : Editions page split into Early and Critical, and links and details on the revived CSEL project added to the latter.

28/01/99 : Note added to Adversus Judaeos, quoting ch. 7 for the reference to Christianity in Roman Britain.

27/01/99 : Note added to 1609 edition about contents, which do not seem to be as per Migne.

23/01/99 : Added material about Mesnart's edition. Also added lots of GIFs of pages from Rhenanus' editions, and also Junius's, plus some OCR'd text.

17/01/99 : Added Kroymann's article Die Tertullian-Ueberlieferung in Italien to the articles.

30/12/98 : Added GIF's of the title pages of the Barraeus and Junius editions, and of the page in the Junius about Modius' notes. Lupton's edition introduction added. Most of the reviews of Barnes added. Wilmart's discovery added, with translation. Some info from list of ancient readers added.

27/12/98 : Updated the Condemnation page with more detail on the Decretum Gelasianum and more references, and the Sources page with the references and discussion of them.

15/12/98: Added a couple more refs to Bibliography.

29/11/98 : Added Latin text of Decretum Gelasianum.

23/10/98 : Added page on Tertullian's theology.

22/10/98 : Added ref to Mark Riley's unpublished edition of Adversus Valentinianos on that page. Added Souter's summary of the argument of De resurrectione carnis to the relevant page, and the bibliography. Updated the editions page.

14/10/98 : Amended Site Map generation utility to provide short abstracts on the pages. Now up to 115 pages, it seems.

19/08/98 : Added Brown, Understanding Illuminated Mss to bibliography, updated the glossary. Added notes on Fulvio Orsini article to bibliography. Updated Vat 189/192/193 ms pages from Fulvio Orsini. Added Petitmengin's article on John Leland - new light on the Masburensis, etc to bibliography. Corrected title in De Cultu Feminarum.

18/08/98 : Added note on Callewaerts, Le codex Fuldensis to the bibliography, revised the notes and added a couple more non-Tertullian articles, updated the Apologeticum ms page a bit. This last page needs a few days spending on it, to digest the material I have. No chance at the moment, alas. Also created a page on Tertullianus the Jurist. Created a page on the Codex Johannis Clementis Angli - more to do on this one.

16/08/98 : Added the Decretum Gelasianum and Waltzing : 3 mss to the bibliography, and the Decretum to the Condemnation page.

13/08/98 : Restructured the Codex Agobardinus page, and moved Waszink's notes out to a separate article, and referenced it from the bibliography. Also added my (RP) mark to all the translated articles. Updated the page about translating with references to German and French, and Whitaker's words.

12/09/98 : This page created. Editions page updated with most of Migne's editions. Translation of Migne's list of MSS added to bibliography.


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