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This page takes a while to download, so I've split out these older announcements.

These pages undergo revision at intervals, depending on available material and, of course, the availability of time. There are now quite a few pages on this site. This page is intended to facilitate the reading of anyone who looks in regularly.  Older announcements are available from the link at the bottom of the page.

28/12/2000 : A complete critical edition of Adversus Valentinianos made in 1971 by Mark Riley is now online.  My thanks to Dr. Riley for permitting me to make a copy of this available here.  The Scorpiace page has been updated with a bibliography.

23/12/2000 : Your Christmas Tertullian is here! A Latin text of Ad Scapulam has been added.  (This is the Dekkers text, but I've omitted the apparatus because this must be the copyright of Brepols).  I'd like to wish a merry Christmas to all Tertullianists everywhere, and a prosperous new year.  May the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.  May He help us to remember  Him in all we do.  Amen.

I've started to look at digitising Evans' text of Adversus Marcionem.  One tool that would make it very much easier to do this would be a Latin spell-checker.  I have created a basic version, which runs in Microsoft Word and Frontpage and works well with the CCSL type of text where u/v and i/j are represented as 'u' and 'i'.  Many texts use the older convention of u/v and i/j, and so a version is needed to work with this also, and I'm working on that at the moment.  This product is basically a massive list of Latin words, and so should be useful to people working in any country.  I expect to make it available for download in 2001.  Would people find this useful? I'd like to make a small charge for it, say $10(?) to support the work here.  Shout now to me if you have opinions or suggestions about this idea.

22/12/2000 : The Codex Divionensis page revised.

15/12/2000 : Link and review added in the bibliography to Dr. Ian Balfour's paper on Tertullian on and off the internet.   I'd like to thank Dr. Balfour for his kind remarks about this site.

Evan's English Translation of Against Praxeas reloaded, this time with the bible links active.  Every scripture reference is now a link, and will take you to the Bible Gateway site for the relevant passage, which will be displayed with links to the text in French, Spanish, etc.  The Evans' text and translation of De Baptismo has also been processed in the same way.  Needless to say, I did not do all this by hand - I've written a little program to make the links for me.  

I keep a local copy of the Ante-Nicene Fathers edition, for the convenience of all.  This is a straight copy of the 2nd edition of the CCEL text, typographic errors and all.  I have run my program on the footnotes of this, to make as many of the scripture links active as possible.  However this will (I understand) be a feature of the 3rd edition anyway, so I have not made any more effort than that.

14/12/2000 : Evan's English Translation of Against Praxeas uploaded.  The companion to his Latin text.

13/12/2000 : English translation of the Decretum Gelasianum online.

11/12/2000 : I learn that the first critical edition of Praedestinatus has appeared, edited by F.Gori in the CCSL 25B.  Details on the linked page.

09/12/2000 : English translation of Marie Turcan's article on Being a Woman according to Tertullian is now online.

08/12/2000 : Dr M.J.Driscoll of the Arnamagnæanske Institut in Copenhagen has a page from a catalogue of the Escurial from 1600 online.  He kindly had a look to see if there were any mention of Tertullian.  I've added a note to the Lost Works page.

Also note that most of the Cerf Sources Chrétiennes series are half-price this year because of the Papal Jubilee.  I've just obtained 15 of them; I recommend you do likewise.  They are not very well organised to cope with orders, though, although Martine Morlet who is in charge of sales is very helpful.  Worth a try to get hold of.  Other volumes can be obtained easily from the French branch of Amazon, www.amazon.fr.  Cerf's up, so to  speak...!

02/12/2000 : Dr. Marie Turcan has graciously allowed me to reproduce a copy of her article Être femme selon Tertullien which is now online.  I hope to do a translation as soon as possible.

01/12/2000 : Evans' text and translation of De Baptismo is now online.  Do let me know if you find typographic errors - I often finish these late at night (it is now 00:33 hrs as I type) and while I do my best, no doubt errors creep in.

I've also found a complete colour facsimile of an MS of Jerome's Chronicon online in Oxford, so I've added a link to it from the Jerome biography page.

25/11/2000 : Kroymann's Kritische Vorarbeiten added - this is the study he did for the 1906 CSEL volume, analysing the text tradition.  I'll translate this when I get the time.

03/11/2000 : Latin text and apparatus of Adversus Praxean added.  This is as close a transcription as I could make in HTML, including line breaks, etc.  I've started using the SPIonic Greek font here - details from the CCEL site.

27/10/2000 : Revised Leiftinck's article to remove some typographical errors, and added an English translation.

20/10/2000 : Editions pages revised to add details from Adams.  Leiftinck's article announcing the Keppel fragment now online.

06/10/2000 : Extra link added on links page to academic site on the Practise of Christianity in Roman North Africa.

22/09/2000 : Extra bibliography of English versions added to many pages for individual works; particularly the Apologeticum

16/09/2000 : Some pictures of books added to the bibliography page.  These do not really add anything to the information, but I think they improve the look of the pages.  I've now acquired a digital camera, with which I hope to make some images of early editions.  It seems a lot better than using a standard 35mm SLR and scanning in the results.  So I'm practising with it.  Sitemap generator revised to put things in alphabetical order.  Some articles did not have the standard 'Verdana' font.  Tables of contents added to the Critical editions page.

02/09/2000 : A table of contents for CCL added to the Critical Editions page, together with some snaps of covers of books.  Also a picture added to the bibliography page.  These may be the last updates for a while - sadly I must go off and earn a living for a few months, living away from home during the week in a range of motorway hotels.  But I shall sneak in updates when I can!  I've located a Rhenanus 3rd edition (1539) in Durham, and hope to get pictures from it this autumn.

23/08/2000 : Some revision of the Bodl.Add.C.284 page.

21/08/2000 : Note added on some surviving echoes of the Greek version of De Baptismo from d'Ales.

19/08/2000 : Note added to the BL Royal MS Apologeticum page from Ker's Surviving Books (Supplement) that this is in fact a Salisbury MS.   I did a brief run up to the library to see if I could get any short but useful articles to add to this site.  A note on the Rome MS of the Apologeticum - article in German and translation from 1903.  Also I've added the brief notice of the find of the Codex Ottobonianus by Borleffs.

I've also added links to the Scripture references page which allow you to access the Vulgate or NIV text shown, using the bible.gospelcom.net system.  It would be very nice to do the same for the Tertullian text as well.

17/08/2000 : A review of Ker's English MSS in the Century after the Norman Conquest added to the bibliography, plus a note from it to the details on the Bodleian Tertullian.  Also R.P.C.Hanson's article from JTS with some Notes on Tertullian's Interpretation of Scripture.

16/08/2000 : A page on the lost Durham Apologeticum added.  Data on the Codex Luganensis added.

08/08/2000 : My thanks to Dr. Robert D. Sider for his very kind permission to reproduce his article Credo Quia Absurdum on this site.  Some tweaks to pages on Tertullian's works to use overscore rather than underscore where the MSS titles have an abbreviation (yes, this is now possible in HTML!).

03/08/2000 : Christine Mohrmann's article on Jerome and Augustine on Tertullian is now online, in the original French and my English.  Also R.D.Sider's article Credo Quia Absurdum? is now online.  (Of course the presence of material on this site does not imply any endorsement by their authors.  Since I am an amateur, it is possible I don't know how things work, but my experience is that requests for permission directed (even with the copyright holder's blessing) to publishers are simply ignored.  For practical purposes, it seems to be nearly impossible for me to obtain permission for anything.  I apologise to anyone who feels I have usurped their rights - no such slight is intended).

02/08/2000 : Praefatio of Oehler edition placed online (Latin only).  Kroymann Italy article revised to hyperlink to it at the right places for the listed MSS.  I'm exploring the possibility to getting some more of Oehler online using commercial Data Entry Services.  I'd be grateful to hear if anyone has looked into this sort of service.  

I'm also looking at getting access to Kroymann's dissertation.  There is a copy in the British Library, but the staff there - the Enemies of Knowledge - want $50 for a photocopy of its 159 pages (rather than the real cost of about $6).  If anyone knows of another copy from which photocopies could be taken, I'd be glad to hear from you.  I'm also gradually acquiring copies of the older scholarship, and will continue to look at making it available.

29/07/2000 : Editions pages updated with copies to be found in Oxford College libraries.  My thanks to Dr. Sarah Bendall of Merton College Library and Dr. Julianne Simpson of the Early Printed Books Project at Oxford for these details.

28/07/2000 : William of Malmesbury article updated with an extra snippet.  It seems that the Codex Luganensis of Tertullian is in the Bodleian in Oxford.  I now have some details of this MS which I will upload when I get some time.  My thanks go to Dr. Peter Kidd of the Bodleian, and soon of Sothebys, for kindly answering my questions so fully.

02/06/2000 : Review of Charlier on Florus of Lyons added to bibliography.  Slight revisions to critical editions page.  Images from 1562 Gelenius reprint added.

12/05/2000 : The page of Jerome's biographies of Tertullian revised.

26/04/2000 : A short table showing the works of the New Testament used by Tertullian has been added, in response to a reader request.  Review of Osborn's First Theologian of the West added.

18/04/2000 : My thanks to Dr. Jackson Bryce for his correction of a translation error on the 'Praedestinatus' page. Readers will have noticed that the change to stylesheets has sometimes had unexpected effects on some pages. I hope to fix these in due course. The problem in Netscape when accessing the Ante-Nicene Fathers pages was due to a missing stylesheet on the parent site - I've now fixed this.

02/03/2000 : Applied stylesheet to site - this will need more tuning later.  Quotes updated.  Lost works updated with extract from Jerome's Ep.22.

18/02/2000 : Updated the main codex table with the addendum from CCL II about the Greek codex in Vienna - noted as footnote 6 on that page.  I do now have photographs of the entire Apologeticum incunable from Norwich, and am trying to think of a way to put this online.  Also a page on the chronology of Tertullian's works (from CCL II).  Minor revisions to other pages.  Quotations updated and some points of interest from the Chronica Tertullianea inserted.  Witnesses page updated.  Balliol. 79 page updated.  Bibliography entries updated.  Extra note on Pamelius edition.  Present location of Keppel fragment added to that page.  Notes on Greek MSS added to lost works page.  Extra MS of De Spectaculis added to works, codex list and lost codex list pages.  Also added notes updating the Codex Fulvio Orsini issue to the bibliography on Petitmengin's article on the subject.  Extra details on the Divionensis page, Ottobonianus, Agobardinus, Migne. (I'm going through CTC adding notes to the pages where I can, and making notes on articles I  must read).

11/01/2000 : Updated Barraeus page with more details from Bury St. Edmunds copy. However they declined to allow me to photograph it unless I first paid them £15 ($25). I had hoped we might get some additional pages on line, but of course I refused to pay, particularly as the pages were stained and good results unlikely. I'll try somewhere else for this. Typo corrected on John Clement's Codex.

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