Theologische Literaturzeitung 23 (1903), col.645

A previously unnoticed manuscript of Tertullian's Apologeticus.

The archives of the Minorite convent San Isidoro de 'Irlandesi, on the Via de 'Artisti, which are uncommonly rich in valuable manuscripts, also contain a manuscript of the Apologeticus of Tertullian, which I believe has so far passed unnoticed.  Parchment codex, saec. XII, very beautifully written, not foliated.  No. 1/29.  Incipit: Tertuliani Clarus Cristianissimi liber. Explicit: Tertulliani viri gravissimi Apologeticus Contra Gentes explicit feliciter.  The opportunity was lacking for me to carry out a more exact investigation.   Permission for use of the archives can be obtained from either the Pater Guardian or from the office of the Minorite-General, Rome San Antonio.

Bonn H.Boehmer

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