(Antidote to the scorpion's sting)

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Latin: Reifferscheid & Wissowa, 1890 --- English: Thelwall, 1870 --- French: Genoude, 1852 --- German: Kellner, 1915

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Written in a time of persecution; perhaps 203/204.  Christians are dying, yet there are voices insinuating that it is all 'unnecessary'.  Gnostic heretics - mostly Valentinians - are attempting to weaken the determination of believers to resist by finding forms of words that will 'allow' people to sacrifice.  To Tertullian, such activity is like a fatal scorpion-bite, murdering the faithful.  He discusses the issue in the light of scripture, and constructs an antidote.






This work is preserved only in these sources:

Optatus of Milevis in the 4th century must have been familiar with the work, since after mentioning Ebion where he should refer to Praxeas, he mistakenly refers to the 'heretic Scorpian, who maintained that there ought to be no martyrdom.' (Contra Donatistas, IV, 5; p.190 of online translation).


contra Gnosticos Scorpiacum Mesnart (B)


Unless otherwise indicated, details are from Quasten's Patrology, 2 (1955). See also Editions page and Critical Editions page for more information.

[Note: I need to add some biblio, from l'Annee Phil. for the years 1954-1974 and from CTC after that].


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