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Note: The material on this page is not by me.  Rather these are replies to queries of mine or comments kindly sent in by real scholars.  I've translated the replies where necessary, and added a minimum of context.

1.  Papire MASSON, Oehler and the Codex Agobardinus.

In the praefatio of Oehler's editio maior, p.6 there is a statement found in the margin of an old edition that Papire Masson found the Agobardinus in a binder's shop being used for parchment.  I enquired about this.

Dr. Pierre PETITMENGIN replied:

En ce qui concerne Papire Masson, l'explication est simple : l'erudit a trouve un manuscrit des oeuvres d'Agobard (pas notre Agobardinus, qui a une tout autre histoire) chez un relieur de la rue Merciere, a Lyon. Il le raconte dans la dedicace des Agobardi opera, Paris, 1605, que je n'ai pas sous la main, mais l'affaire est relatee dans : Pierre RONZY, Un humaniste italianisant, Papire Masson (1544-1611), Paris, 1924, p. 539.

(With regard to Papire Masson, the explanation is simple : the scholar found a manuscript of the works of Agobard (not our Agobardinus, which has quite another history) at a binder in the Rue Merciere, at Lyon.  He gives us the story in the dedication of his Agobardi opera, Paris, 1605, which I don't have to hand, but the affair is related in Pierre RONZY, Un humaniste italianisant, Papire Masson (1544-1611), Paris, 1924, p. 539).

2.  A Carolingian mention of De Oratione in Hrabanus Maurus.

Dr. David GANZ kindly mentioned that:

Hrabanus Maurus, de clericorum institutione II 352 (ed D Zimpel Frankfurt 1996 p. 352) quotes Tertullian De oratione 25. 6.  The text dates to 819, and so is important evidence for the Carolingian  transmission of that text.

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