De patientia
(On patience)

[CPL 9]

Latin: Fredouille, 1999 --- English: Thelwall, 1869 --- French: Charpentier, 1844; Genoude, 1852 --- German: Kellner, 1912 ---- Spanish: Manero, 1889 
--- Russian: Unknown

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Tertullian admits he isn't a patient man himself, and asks for your tolerance while he shows why it is so important.  This lovely little work can be read with profit by every believer.




Chapter 8 discusses how a Christian should take abuse and violence, and why.  The chapter is particularly suitable to those Christians who venture onto the 'net and get trolled or abused.  Tertullian recognises the motives of these people, and discusses how to handle it, giving examples of 'the utility and pleasure of patience.'

Note that the Latin text of Fredouille moves the chapter boundary between 6 and 7 -- in Oehler, chapter 7 began 'In this principal precept...' whereas Fredouille places the division a sentence later.

13:7 refers to martyrdom as the 'second baptism.'

In 16:3 he refers to the evil 'patience', the devil's counterfeit, 'which makes the slaves of the belly submit to contumelious patronage, in the subjection of their liberty to their gullet.'   This sounds to me (RP) like a memory of the dreadful dinner of the clients in Juvenal, Satire 5.


The work is present in two different collections of the works of Tertullian.

1.  It is contained in the members of the Cluny collection. (q.v.).  The primary witnesses, therefore, are:

Possibly also to be considered are:

which may or may not have some independent witness.  Many consider them simply copies of F, however.

2. Long extracts are contained in the 14th century Codex Vaticanus Ottobonianus 25 (O).


INCIP DE PACIENTIA Montepessulanus H54 (M)
Incipit Liber Q. Septimii Florentis Tertulliani p(re)sbiteri Carthaginensis De pacientia dei floruit ano CCo Luxemburgensis 75 (X)
(Nothing) Ottobonianus Lat. 25 (O)

Note: The MSS have the overscore above the letter, but you need a modern browser (N4+/IE4+) to see it. It signifies an abbreviation.


Unless otherwise indicated, details are from Quasten's Patrology, 2 (1955). See also Editions page and Critical Editions page for more information.

[Note: I need to add some biblio, from l'Annee Phil. for the years 1954-1974 and from CTC after that].


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