Sélestat, Bibliothèque humaniste, 88

Images: folio 135r (corresponding page 357 in R's own copy of 1521 edition)

Location : Sélestat, Bibliothèque humaniste, Ms. 88 (once Paterniacensis 439)
Date: 1st half of 11th century1
Corpus: Cluniacense. See Stemma. [Position in alpha/beta branch is unclear to me]

Originally from the 10th century Cluniac convent of Payerne (Peterlingen) in Switzerland, acquired by Beatus Rhenanus.  He covered the margins with annotations and sent it unbound to the printers at Froben as copy for his first edition.  Afterwards he rebound it carefully, and it is still among his papers in the town where he died, Sélestat (=Schlettstadt). 

[There is a photo in an article somewhere, showing a page with annotation: I need to find and add this]


Folios Works
De patientia 4
8v-22v De uera carne domini 4 = De carne Christi1
De carnis resurrectione 4
Aduersus Praxeam 4
Aduersus Valentinianos 4
Aduersus Iudaeos 4
Aduersus omnes haereses 4
De praescriptione haereticorum 4
Aduersus Hermogenem 4


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