Codex Leidensis BPL 2

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This superb illuminated manuscript was obtained by French Cardinal Georges d'Amboise from Frederick III of Aragon, right at the start of the 16th century.  Whether it has independent manuscript witness has often been debated on textual grounds without much result.  But Petitmengin (2004, p.79) has shown that it is purely a copy of Naples lat. 55, taken after the loss of the 24th quire (containing Marc. III, 17,1 - IV,5,1); a simple codicological demonstration for some reason unnoticed by prior scholars who were mostly editing other works.  Thus it has no independent value.


41.5 x 28cms, parchment. 15th century. Italian. Richly ornamented title page. One writer, and a single corrector. Folios 175-182 are blank. Another example of the beta (Hirsau) branch of the 'corpus cluniacense'.   

Contains (folio numbers from

ff. 001r-012r - De carne Christi 
ff. 012v-041v - De resurrectione carnis 
ff. 041v-048r - De corona milites 
ff. 048r-050r - Ad martyras 
ff. 050v-056r - De paenitentia 
ff. 056r-063v - De virginibus velandis 
ff. 064r-071r - De cultu feminarum (Books I and II)
ff. 071r-076v - Ad uxorem (Book II)
ff. 077r-083v - De fuga in persecutione 
ff. 084r-086r - Ad Scapulam 
ff. 086r-091r - De exhortatione castitatis 
ff. 091r-100r - De monogamia 
ff. 100r-105r - De pallio 
ff. 105v-111v - De patientia 
ff. 111v-129r - Adversus Praxean 
ff. 129r-138r - Adversus Valentinianos 
ff. 138v-246v - Adversus Marcionem 
ff. 247r-261v - Adversus Judaeos 
ff. 261v-265r - Adversus omnes haereses 
ff. 265r-276r - De praescriptione haereticorum 
ff. 276r-289v - Adversus Hermogenem 
ff. 290r-317v - Apologeticum 

At the end of the Adv. Herm. is the statement Finis operis Tertulliani. Laus deo.  Kroymann surmises that the manuscript from which it was copied did not have the Apologeticum, which is not usually present in the beta-branch Cluny Mss.


-- Emil KROYMANN, Die Tertullien-Ueberlieferung in Italien, Sitzungsberichte der Philosophisch-Historischen Classe der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 138 (1897 or 1898) 3rd booklet (34 pages). also in English translation  Stemma included. See p.26-27. Details from this except where indicated.
-- Pierre PETITMENGIN, Tertullien entre la fin du XIIe et le début du XVIe siècle, in M. CORTESI (ed), Padri Greci e Latini a confronto: Atti del Convegno di studi della Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino.  Firenze: SISMEL (2004).  pp. 63-88.  Checked.

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