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The works of Tertullian come down to us in various medieval manuscripts, none older than the late 8th century.  The manuscripts sometimes contain only the Apologeticum,  often together with works not by Tertullian.  The other manuscripts contain a selection of his works.  There are five distinct collections, which however overlap, or only contain a subset.  Most of these manuscripts are 15th century.  Finally a number of his works are now extant in now manuscript, since all members of the 'Corbie' collection were lost by AD 1600.  These works are known to us from the earlier printed editions.

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Tertullian's Apologeticum travelled separately down the centuries, and is extant in at least 39 manuscripts, in many of them by itself, although it did also become attached to later representatives of one of the main collections. For more details about these manuscripts, consult the list of manuscripts of the Apologeticum.


All the other works come in manuscripts containing more than one work.  These can be divided into families, depending on the contents.  Some works found their way into more than one family of Tertullian's works.

There are 5 collections of Tertullian's works known to us.


Some works have not come down to us at all - see Lost Works. However apart from those in the missing portion of the Codex Agobardinus, the works were probably lost at or before the end of antiquity, as there are no subsequent references to them. The only exception is the dubious reference to De exstasi by Trithemius in 1494.

Early editions often refer to now lost manuscripts.




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