Codex Vaticanus Urbin. 64

This 15th century Italian copy of the works of Tertullian has been shown by Kroymann 1 to derive from earlier extant manuscripts. As such, its independent witness to the text is nil, since all it can offer is further copyist errors.


35.5 x 24cms, parchment. 15th century. A luxury copy, written in a single hand. The subscriptio tells us it was made in Italy, and also says

Jacobus Middelburch scripsit

At the end of the Apologeticum are the words Finis Opera Tertulliani.  Kroymann's analysis shows it to be a member of the beta (Cluny-Hirsau) branch of the Corpus Cluniacense, which only contains 27 treatises, and not the Apologeticum.  So the Apologeticum arrived from elsewhere.


De carne Christi
De carne et resurrectione
De corona militis
Ad martyrias
De poentitentia
De virginibus velandis
De habitu muliebri
De cultu feminarum
Ad uxorem libri duo
De persecutione
Ad Scapulam
De exhortatione castitatis
De monogamia
De pallio
De patientia dei
Adversus Praxeam
Adversus Valentinianos
Adversus Marcionem in 5 books
Adversus Judaeos
Adversus omnes haereses
De praescriptione haereticorum
Adversus Hermogenem


1. Emil KROYMANN, Die Tertullien-Ueberlieferung in Italien, Sitzungsberichte der Philosophisch-Historischen Classe der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 138 (1897 or 1898) 3rd booklet (34 pages). also in English translation

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