Codex Vaticanus Latinus 190

This has been shown by Kroymann1 to derive from earlier extant manuscripts. As such, its independent witness to the text is nil, since all it can offer is further copyist errors.


38 x 25cms, parchment. Written by two different hands. 15th century. Written in Italy, judging from script and construction. On the first page is a decorated initial letter showing an old man (Tertullian?) reading a book. Magnificently made, but no dainty initials. At the back is an index in a later hand;

In isto volumine continentur infra scripta opera Tertulliani:

De carne Christi
De carne et resurrectione (sic)
De corona militis
Ad martyrias
De poentitentia
De virginibus velandis
De habitu muliebri
De cultu feminarum
Ad uxorem libri duo
De persecutione
Ad Scapulam
De exhortatione castitatis
De monogamia
De pallio
De patientia dei
Adversus Prasseam (sic)
Adversus Valentinianum (sic)
Adversus Marchionem (sic)


See bibliography for more detail on the references.

1. Kroymann, Emil, Die Tertullien-Ueberlieferung in Italien. p. 2

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