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These pages undergo revision at intervals, depending on available material and, of course, the availability of time. There are now quite a few pages on this site. This page is intended to facilitate the reading of anyone who looks in regularly.  Older announcements are available from the links at the bottom of the page.

24/12/2004 : Updated the page on the 1545 edition with some potentially relevant material about Jean du Tillet.

Merry Christmas everyone!

09/12/2004 : Petr KITZLER writes to say that a portion of his Czech translation of De Spectaculis is available online here.  I hope the edition has a good success!

12/11/2004 : Petr KITZLER has kindly allowed me to place online the electronic text of his article, Some Comments on the Czech Tertullian scholarship, published last year.   Many thanks for this fascinating insight into the world of Czech studies on Tertullian.

I apologise for the lack of updates.  In September I unwisely initiated a project to translate online the Chronicle of Jerome into English, as part of my collection of Additional Fathers in English.  This is going very well, but has taken up every weekend for the last 10 weeks, leaving no time for anything else.  I expect it will be done by Christmas, and that I will be able to resume normal service around then.  The moral is not to start such a project without working out what it will cost (in time) to do!

The Cusanus library in Bernkastel-Kues have agreed to allow me to photograph their manuscript of the Apologeticum, and place the results online, which is great news!  My thanks to Gabrielle Neusius for helping with this, and to Pierre Petitmengin for suggesting it.  I won't be able to go out there this year, but expect results in the spring!  The St. Peter Abbey in Salzburg have declined to allow me to do the same with theirs, which is a pity, while the letters I sent to Novara (Italy) and Alba Iulia (Romania) have never been answered.  I have also been attempting this year to obtain access to photograph the manuscripts in the British Library, and I hope that this may yet be possible, with the help of some interested and influential people.

30/09/2004 : Created a page on the Rigaltius-Priorius edition of 1664, with photographs of 11 pages, from the Cranston Library in Reigate.  My thanks to Martin and Jean Roth who made it possible for me to examine and photograph this volume.

25/09/2004 : Josef NOVÁK's Czech translation of the Apologeticum into Czech, Obrana křesťanů, is on various websites around the internet.  With some hesitation, because I can find no way to check copyright status, I have placed a copy online here.

24/09/2004 : Petr KITZLER has translated De Spectaculis into Czech; O hrách.  Copies can be purchased from the publisher.   This is the first translation of this work into Czech -- only the Apologeticum has been translated before.  It's a handsome volume, and very nice to use and read.  He very kindly sent me a copy, and even more kindly mentioned this site in it.  The book is worth it even to non-Czech speakers for the massive bibliography on all matters related to Tertullian.   Page on De Spectaculis updated. 

Typos 'petram' and 'petras' fixed in Adversus Praxean and Adversus Marcionem.  Many thanks to Arturo Saiz Santos who very kindly sent these in.

Typo 'la peuple' fixed in the French text of the Apologeticum.  My thanks to Christel Lamère Ngnambi who reported it.

I've had to remove the links to concordances on the works of Tertullian, as the site on which they resided seems to have disappeared.

17/09/2004 : I've updated details on the editions page and works pages for the Tuscan translation by Selvaggia BORGHINI, Opere di Tertulliano tradotte in Toscano. Rome (1756), of which I have just obtained a copy.

10/09/2004 : Typos fixed in Momigliano's review of Barnes' Tertullian.  Geoffrey Dunn has just published a new English translation of Adversus Iudaeos, Scorpiace, and De Virginibus Velandis.  It's available from Amazon.

30/07/2004 : Genoude's French translation of Adversus Marcionem 3 now online.

24/07/2004 : Genoude's translation of Adversus Marcionem 2 now online.

07/08/2004 : I've finally managed to get Amar Jelassi's Arabic translation of the Apologeticum online.  Amar has almost completed a translation of Ad Scapulam, and let's hope he does many more.

30/07/2004 : Corrected Genoude Adversus Marcionem 1.

24/07/2004 : The Université catholique de Lyon (Catholic University in Lyon) have very kindly sent me a photocopy of books 1-4 of Genoude's translation of Adversus Marcionem.  This arrived today, and is wonderfully clear and clean.  Many thanks to the librarian, Isabelle Vouilloux. Of course I couldn't resist scanning some of it:  Genoude's French translation of Adversus Marcionem book 1 is now online.  More when I get some more time.  There are probably errata in these, but as a monoglot anglophone, I can't find them very easily.  Please send in corrections!  Once I have a complete Genoude, I think I will try to get it mirrored elsewhere on the web: it's very hard to find, and why shouldn't it be freely available? 

22/07/2004 : Regular readers will recall that Dr. Vincent Hunink of Leiden University is working on a new edition of De Pallio with the first English translation in more than a century.  I've just had a note from him to the effect that this is going well, and will probably be finished this year.  Publication may be early next year.  I'm sure we're all looking forward to it.  Dr. Hunink has also created editions of Apuleius, which means he will bring some interesting insights into this work.

19/07/2004 : Nicoleta Bertrand has kindly corrected various errors in my scan of Genoude's version of Adversus Praxean for us all.  However some 'features' of this are in the printed text 'appellions' rather than 'appelions', 'ame' rather than 'âme'.  I've kept to the original spelling.  Genoude's book had many misprints also, but these have been corrected.  Thank you Nicoleta for making this text better.

17/07/2004 : I've added Genoude's French translation of Adversus Praxean.  

I have a photocopy of all of Genoude, and have scanned parts of it.  However, the copies were made too dark, so in many works there are black blotches down the spine and onto the text and also where foxing occurred.  This has hitherto defeated me, because it causes so much noise in OCR that I end up almost retyping the lot.  Since this is French text with accents, I can't do that.  However, I have just discovered a trick which allows OCR to cope with this sort of rubbish.  If I scan the page using the HP Precision Scan Pro utility that came with my scanner, I can adjust various parameters.  If I scan it as a greyscale image, with the Highlight and Mid-Tones set to maximum, and Shadow set to minimum, then I get a big 5Mb file, which is generally rather greyish and with reduced contrast.  If I then pass this into Finereader, it can OCR it OK!

Contre Praxeas was the first I scanned like this; I will try to do more.  I have also approached another library in Lyon for some clearer photocopies; they won't photocopy the whole book (why not?) but might do some parts.  However, I think they have stopped for summer break.  I have yet to get my summer break, so I can understand how they feel.

03/07/2004 : Works page updated for the two editions of Claudio Moreschini's Opere Scelte, selected Italian translations (two magnificent volumes).  I recently was able to buy a copy of the first edition.  My very sincere thanks to Dr. Moreschini for sending me a copy of the second edition.  

Portions of Dr. Petitmengin's article on the Codex Masburensis are online at the Selestat library (although not the best bits!).

I've had a complaint that I've not added much since February.  I do apologise, but the job I am currently doing leaves me very little spare time. When it finishes, there will be more!  At the moment I am trying to obtain some better photocopies of Genoude's French translation.  The ones I have at the moment are simply wretched to scan.

25/06/2004 : The Budapest/Corvina Tertullian of Adversus Marcionem now has a couple of images online at "http://www.konyvtar.elte.hu/kincseink/kezirat/kepek/n06.html".

24/06/2004 : I've now done a word-by-word comparison of Ad Scapulam against the original and fixed a few errors.

19/06/2004 : I'm going to start revisiting the Latin texts, as I understand there are significant numbers of errors in them.  I've revised Ad Scapulam today.

18/06/2004 : I've found that there is a website for the Corvina library -- in Hungarian.  It has loads of splendid photos, although not of the Tertullian, and details of the Tertullian.  The URL is "http://www.corvina.oszk.hu/Descriptions/Des-hubpunivcodlat10.htm". 

05/06/2004 : Dr. Claudio Moreschini has kindly allowed me to place online his 1966 article on the Corpus Cluniacense, and the 1967 continuations of it.

28/05/2004 : Various extra details added to the editions page from dealer catalogues.  The German translations now all have a link in correct German inviting readers to send in errata.  

12/04/2004 : A lady wrote to me about an edition passed down in her family: it turned out to be a 1616 Pamelius reprint, and she kindly sent me a photograph of the title page, which is now online on the editions page.

09/04/2004 : Happy Easter!  Manero's Spanish translation of the Apologeticum added.

26/03/2004 : Many thanks to Jean-Michel Rave for corrections to the French translation of De Baptismo.  I apologise for the lack of updates, but I am busy earning a living, and have no spare time at the moment.

23/02/2004 : Spanish translation of De Patientia added.

21/02/2004 : Today I have a treasure for you! Complete digital photographs of the 10th century Codex Romanus Isidorensis 1/29 manuscript of Tertullian's Apologeticum are now online.  Many thanks to the Franciscans of St. Isidore's College, Rome, for allowing me access to the manuscript with my digital camera; in particular very many thanks to Fr. John Wright who made it all possible and made me very welcome despite being incredibly busy, and to Ida and Patrick for watching over me while I tried to remember how to operate the camera after a 6 month gap.  For those interested, once I had got set up, it took about an hour and a half -- 90 mins -- to take something over 120 photographs, in available light.

04/02/2004 : Michele Fischer has kindly corrected the Charpentier translation of De Patientia for us all.  Corrections and errata are always welcome!

10/01/2004 : E.A. De Genoude's French translation of De idololatria added.

01/01/2004 : Happy new year to you all!  E.A. De Genoude's French translation of Adversus Marcionem 5 added.

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