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These pages undergo revision at intervals, depending on available material and, of course, the availability of time. There are now quite a few pages on this site. This page is intended to facilitate the reading of anyone who looks in regularly.  Older announcements are available from the links at the bottom of the page.

30/12/2003 : E.A. De Genoude's French translation of De Carne Christi added.

29/12/2003 : E.A.De Genoude's French translation of De resurrectione carnis added.

26/12/2003 : Colour photographs of the entire Tertullian portion of the 15th century medieval manuscript Codex Balliolensis 79  now online.  This is a copy of the Apologeticum, with unpublished marginal notes by William of Malmesbury.  I also photographed the incipits of the Lactantius texts also found in the volume.  This appears by permission of the Master and Fellows of Balliol College, Oxford.  I am very grateful to Dr. Penny Bulloch, the Librarian, for permission to photograph the manuscript and for arranging permission to place the photographs online.

The raw photographs are 1.5Mb each.  This is too large for people using a dial-up modem, so I have reduced them to ca. 300Kb.  Please let me know if this is acceptable.  If any of the images are too small, there is obviously room to place somewhat larger ones online.  People who would like the full-size images should get in touch with me, and get them on CDROM.  The photographs were taken using a 5 megapixel Canon Powershot G5 digital camera with no lighting and a tripod, when I was in Oxford in August.  I had originally intended to photograph the entire manuscript, but I simply ran out of time.  It is much harder to get text in focus on a manuscript than on a printed edition, and I took every photograph at least three times.

Also added more material from the 1842 Oxford Movement translation: Notes A-D; De Testimonio Animae, and Ad Scapulam.

24/12/2003 : May I wish a very happy Christmas to all my readers.    Your Christmas Tertullian is here! -- The Oxford Movement English translation of De Testimonio Animae.  There are not so many Latin texts left, and so the tradition we've established on this site of a Tertullian text for Christmas will have to comprise translations of various sorts henceforth.

05/12/2003 : Created a page for the 1594 work by Florimond de Raemond that contains a French translation of De Corona.  This includes a brief biography.  My thanks to Cédric Monget for the details of the 1599 edition, and the study by Tinsley, from which these notes are derived.

24/11/2003 : Today the Tertullian Project was featured as 'website of the day' on BBC Radio Suffolk. This afternoon at 3:48pm, your humble editor appeared on the Afternoon Show (by telephone).  I answered questions on just who this Tertullian person was, and why he was of interest, and talked a bit about the worldwide interest in him.  Also mentioned was the QuickLatin Latin-to-English translator, and the upcoming QuickGreek tool.  I hope to have an MP3 of the interview online at some point.  My thanks to Rachel Sloane and her producer, Sally Goodwin, for featuring the site.

22/11/2003 : The Latin text and apparatus for the Carmen Adversus Marcionitas is now online.  This is the edition of Prof. Karla Pollmann, and appears by kind permission of the author and publishers.  I am grateful to Dr. Pollmann for all her help, and for very kindly obtaining the permission of Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen.

14/11/2003 : People may not know about the www.findarticles.com site.  This has material in English from journals like the Harvard Theological Review, and is free, thankfully.  Fun, anyway!  Also altered the formatting on the remaining 'works' pages to standardise the layout.  One day I must go through all of these and add in all the information I have.  So far, I have never had the time.

I have obtained three very nice permissions lately, so there will be some interesting new additions to the site before Christmas.

07/11/2003 : Oxford Movement translation of the Apologeticum added.  This has 640 useful footnotes, explaining obscure points and giving cross-references to other literature, pagan and Christian, on the point at issue.  No other English translation is so copiously annotated.

31/10/2003 : Editions page: more details added to 1599 French translation of De Corona by Florimond de Raemond.  My thanks to Cédric Monget who examined the Bordeaux copy of this edition and sent me copious details, and the locations of various copies.

16/10/2003 : Greenslade's translation of De Praescriptione Haereticorum has been removed.  I'd never been able to find a publisher who would admit to knowing about it, but I recently located the website for Presbyterian Press, who took over the quondam publisher, Westminster John Knox Press.  I contacted them to regularise the position and found that they keep the volume Early Latin Theology in print, from which it is an extract.  Today I have heard from them that while they are willing for this extract to remain online, they'd like me to pay them $50 a year and renew each year with an annual email and cheque.  This is very generous, of course, but impossible as this site has no income. So the text is now offline.  This is the first time I've had to remove something for copyright reasons, and it's a bit sad, really.  Who will ever read the text now?   My thanks to WJK Press anyway for clarifying things.

13/10/2003 : St Isidore's College in Rome, which has a Tertullian manuscript, now has a website and has placed its catalogue of MSS online.  Apologeticum MSS page updated.

24/09/2003 : Started placing online the 1842 English translation.

22/09/2003 : Betty's translation of De praescriptione haereticorum (1722) added.

17/09/2003 : Reviews of J.E.B.Mayor's Apologeticum (1918), and R.F.Refoulé's De Praescriptione added.

12/09/2003 : De Genoude's French translation of De Monogamia added.  Also of De exhortatione castitatis.

11/09/2003 : De Genoude's French translation of De ieiunio added.

10/09/2003 : Ugo Bratelli has scanned E.A.De Genoude's French translation of Ad Nationes II.  I have reformatted it and placed a copy online.  I've also scanned Genoude's version of Ad Martyras.

01/09/2003 :  I've removed the 'Bookshop' page as I never had time to develop it, and no-one used it.  I've also altered the introduction to the manuscripts to contain a list of all manuscripts.  The manuscripts pages need revision, as even I find them confusing.

22/08/2003 : John Hooper's 1550 translation of Ad Uxorem II added.  Hooper was an exile when he wrote it, returned and then became Bishop of Gloucester.  He is the only translator of Tertullian to be burned alive for the gospel of Christ.  This took place in 1555 under Bloody Mary.  The paraphrase seems to be very rare -- I only know of one copy.  I was obliged to manually transcribe it, as it proved impossible to obtain a reproduction.  Editions page updated.

Also part of David Dalrymple's English version of Ad Scapulam.  Not all the notes have been transcribed.  Again I was obliged to transcribe manually, and ran out of time.  I hope to do the remainder of the notes some other time.

My greetings to all those whom I met (and those I didn't, but wish I had) at the 14th International Patristics Conference in Oxford, which is when I did all these copies.  Prepare yourselves for something very interesting indeed in the next couple of weeks -- I took my digital camera with me, and got some good images of something rather special.  More when I get clearance to use the photographs online.

16/08/2003 : Verse numbers added to ANF English text of De Cultu Feminarum I & II, plus fixes to the Latin and notes on the page.

15/08/2003 :  I have just discovered an Arabic translation of the Apologeticum online at "http://www.carthago.info/index.html"!  I've written to the author, and let's hope he will do some more.

Verse numbers added to ANF English text of De Oratione, plus fixes to Latin, notes on page.

08/08/2003 : Verse numbers added to ANF English text of De Virginibus Velandis, bugs in Latin text fixed, page revised.

31/07/2003: Evans, Second Thoughts on Tertullian against Praxeas, (1961) added.

30/07/2003 : Added verse numbers to the ANF English version of De exhortatione castitatis, plus fixes to the Latin, notes added to the page.  Added verse numbers to the ANF English version of De Patientia, plus fixes to the Latin and notes added to the pageQuotes page also extended.

26/07/2003 : Added some notes and images of title pages etc for the 1622 Salmasius edition of De Pallio, the 1626 De la Cerda edition of De Pallio, and the 1641 Rigaltius reprint.  Verse numbers added to the ANF English version of De Carne Christi; fixes done to the Latin and notes added to the page.  I tend to print off the text and mark it up in this way when I'm spending a lot of time in hotels or on trains, and so have time and nothing else to do.  As you can see, I've had plenty of opportunity lately.  Also did the same for the ANF version of Ad uxorem and revised the page.

25/07/2003 : Revised the works pages to make sure all link directly to the ANF English text, and not just the index page of the ANF.  I notice that Ugo Bratelli has been busy scanning French translations of Latin and Greek texts, and also translating himself some texts: a very worthwhile enterprise.

09/07/2003 : Added verse numbers to the ANF English version of Adversus Marcionem 5; as usual, fixes done to the Latin and notes added to the page.

07/07/2003 : Ugo Bratelli has scanned Genoude's French translation of Ad Nationes I.  He tells me he hopes to do book 2 in August.  Good man!

27/06/2003 : Added a bit more of Souter's description of the codex Trecensis to that page, including the bitmap of the cryphia symbol.  I have pages from Buytaert, but simply haven't 5  minutes to spare to scan them at the moment.  I do apologise for the lack of progress on the site -- I'm appallingly busy with earning a living at the moment, which is not trivial in the current economic climate.  Naturally that has to take precedence.  However I have a pile of good stuff to scan, just as soon as I get some free time. 

20/06/2003 : Added verse numbers to ANF English version of Adversus Marcionem 4; minor fixes on the Latin; notes added to the page.

17/05/2003 : Revised the Latin of De Monogamia, added verse numbers to the English translation, and notes to the works page on it.  Added a couple of quotes from it to the quotes page.  The same done for De Pudicitia.

05/05/2003 : Added Genoude's translation of De Fuga in Persecutione (1852).  I've also renamed several of the files taken from Genoude into a consistent naming pattern.

03/05/2003 : Added Genoude's Vie de Tertullien.

02/05/2003 : Verse numbers added to ANF English version of De Fuga, and page revised.  

Details of the Genoude translation into French of 1852 added to the page of French translations.   

I would like to express my very deep gratitude to Marie-Christine GRIFFON of the Bibliothèque - Faculté de Théologie Protestante, Montpellier (also called in some catalogues the 'Institut Protestant à Montpellier').  She kindly agreed to photocopy all three volumes of Genoude -- 1500 pages -- for me.  This was a massive task of some difficulty, performed quickly and well, and for a sensible price.  I had begun to despair of ever obtaining a copy.  Few libraries hold this work, and copies do not come up for sale online.  Two Swiss libraries that do have it, which I contacted, declined to sell me a photocopy on the curious grounds that I did not live in Switzerland. Other libraries refused or demanded huge sums.  Many, many thanks to the IP at Montpellier.  I hope to place all of this translation online as time permits over the next few months.

25/04/2003 : Verse numbers added to ANF of De Pallio.  De Pallio Latin text revised.  I am rather shocked at how many typos I found in this text, even if it was 4 years old.  I've fixed a fair number, and I'm sure there are more, so I will consider rescanning this.  I must also look at all the older Latin texts.

24/03/2003 : Three reviews of the ANCL English translations added from the Athenaeum.

20/03/2003 : Chapter 4 of Kaye's Ecclesiastical History added.

Kellner's German translation of De Ieiunio added.  This completes the two volume Bibliothek der Kirchenvater 2nd edition, which is now completely online.  However, it does not include a number of Tertullian's works, such as De Anima, Adversus Marcionem, Adversus Valentinianos.  I believe that Kellner did translate these, and perhaps others, in other editions of his text, but died (in 1915) before he could edit them in the 2nd edition.  The first edition of this work did include De Anima, and I have this.  However it is in Fraktur -- the unscannable 'gothic' font.  I hope that OCR software will become available, in which case I will scan this.  In the meantime, I am looking for another set of Kellner's translations (Cologne, 1882), which should have more texts in it.  Let's hope it is not in Fraktur also!

19/03/2003 : Kellner's German translation of De Monogamia added.

18/03/2003 : Kellner's German translation of De Praescriptione Haereticorum added.

17/03/2003 : Kellner's German translation of Scorpiace added. De Carne Christi page updated with some material on content, mostly from Mahé's edition.

06/03/2003 : New quote (28) added to the quotes page, generally quoted online with reference to MTV!  My thanks to Gideon Burton for sending it in.  Gideon runs an excellent site on rhetoric, Silvae Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric, which has been added to the links page.

26/02/2003 : Image of Apologeticum Ms, Vat. lat. 194, f.1r, added to the Apologeticum Mss. page.

22/02/2003 : The 1550 Gelenius page updated with details of the copy in St. Johns College, Cambridge.  My grateful thanks to Jonathan Harrison, who very kindly made the copy available to me and even made me some photocopies of De Ieiunio.  Would that every rare book archive was so pleasant to deal with! 

18/02/2003 : GAVDEAMVS!  Today is a RED LETTER day!  The opera omnia of Tertullian in Latin are now all online, freely available to all: the final text, De Resurrectione Carnis (also known as De Resurrectione Mortuorum) is now online.  This is from the Ernest Evans edition of 1960, by kind permission of those nice people at SPCK.

There is plenty more to do, of course.  I want to finish the complete Evans volume, notes and all.  A couple of spuria are still outstanding.  I'd also like to go back and add a critical apparatus to those texts which lack one.  A database format for all the texts would also be useful.  I've recently started to acquire some Dutch translations, and German and French still are there to do.  But nevertheless, this is a milestone.  Igitur gaudeamus.

Also James Moffatt's article on Aristotle and Tertullian added.

14/02/2003 : The Tertullian portion of De Labriolle's History and Literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius added, by kind permission of Kegan Paul Ltd.

13/02/2003 : English translation of Puech on Julian the Apostate & Tertullian added.  Also some errors in the French corrected.  Also Plinval, Tertullien et le scandale de la Couronne added.  Also extract of article on Mss. of Altercatio Heracliani cum Germinio episcopo added at the end of that page.

10/02/2003 : French text of Altaner's Patrology entry for Tertullien added.  German text of 7th edition of Altaner on Tertullian added.

07/02/2003 : The English text of the Tertullian entry in Altaner's Patrology added.  I have the French and German also, which I will add in time, as useful introductory matter for the site.

04/02/2003 : I've started to scan the Evans' edition of De Resurrectione Carnis.  Introduction added.

01/02/2003 : Charpentier's French translation of De Carne Christi added.

25/01/2003 : Bulhart's text of De Monogamia added, with apparatus and also without apparatus.  This leaves only De Resurrectione Carnis in Latin still to do, plus a spurious work or two.

17/01/2003 : Waszink's text of Adversus Hermogenem added.  I contacted Spectrum of Utrecht, who published it, but they told me that they no longer held the rights for this.  This means that I am unsure how to proceed with the apparatus. 

Thinking about the dubious apparatus of Reifferscheid & Wissowa, I notice that De ieiunio has not been edited since their day, and their apparatus is reprinted in CCSL.  Since I have a photographic copy of the 1545, and can get access to a 1550, I may take the time to go through their apparatus and verify all the readings from B and C against the originals, and place the results online.

15/01/2003 : Reifferscheid & Wissowa text of Scorpiace added.  This is the text only.  I read yesterday that the readings given as 'B' in their apparatus of De Anima are very inaccurate (the opinion of J.H.Waszink in 1948).  If so, I'm not sure what the value of their apparatus is.  Also updated the page for 1545 edition with notes on the Ms. used for De Idololatria and De Anima

Only 3 texts left: De Monogamia, Adversus Hermogenem and De Resurrectione Carnis.  De Monogamia will be the CSEL 76 version, for which I have copyright clearance; De Resurrectione Carnis the Evans text, for which likewise I have clearance.  I have contacted Spectrum of Utrecht, who published Waszink's text of Adversus Hermogenem, but they tell me they no longer hold the rights for it, and don't know who does.  This will be the text we will use here, but perhaps I will delay scanning the apparatus.  Mind you, will anyone care about this ancient and valueless copyright, even if we could find the owner?  Enough to sue?

14/01/2003 : Editions page updated with some extra info from the IISTC.

13/01/2003 : Dr Turcan's Latin text of De Cultu Feminarum, book 1 and book2 is now online.  My thanks to her and Dr. Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk.

11/01/2003 : Latin text (only) of De Patientia now online.  Latin text only of Ad Uxorem, Book I and Book II now online.  Only 4 Latin texts left!

10/01/2003 : The CSEL 76 text of De Fuga in Persecutione with full apparatus, and the bare text of De Fuga are now online.  I always produce a bare text version, although usually only to send to other people, and I intend to host these in future, since they can be useful.  Only 6 Latin texts to go -- Scorpiace, De Patientia, Ad Uxorem, De Monogamia, Adversus Hermogenem, and De Resurrectione Carnis.  

07/01/2003 : One of Waszink's Latin texts of De Anima added.  Only 7 Latin texts still to go now.

06/01/2003 : Caspari's Altercatio updated with some stuff from the Clavis Patrum Latinorum.

04/01/2003 :  A happy new year to you all!  I've scanned and added the Latin text of De Exhortatione Castitatis.  The edition used is the Sources Chrétiennes 391 (1985) by Claudio Moreschini.  I've added a couple of corrections from CTC.  Of course this means that it is text only, without any of the apparatus or notes which have copyright protection.  I'd like to say just how marvellously well printed the text is -- it scanned with almost no errors whatever.  That, for Latin, is incredible.  Well done, Mr. Cerf.

Also I've scanned the Latin text of De Cultu Feminarum, book 1 and book2.  This is the text only, from Sources Chrétiennes 173 (1971) by Marie Turcan.  This, sadly, is not so well printed and so my transcription probably contains some errors.  However, although there is no copyright issue with the plain text, I'll defer the upload of this until I've checked that Dr. Turcan doesn't mind!

I've been wondering for some time what text to use for those works edited by Kroymann.  Ideally one would have an apparatus as well.  This is something I will have to think of at some future time.  The text of Tertullian himself cannot be in copyright, and these seem to be my only choices for a text, unless I use Oehler.

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