Adversus Marcionem
(Against Marcion)

[CPL 14]

English: Holmes, 1870: I, II, III, IV, V --- Latin/English: Evans, 1972 -- French: Genoude, 1852: I, II, III, IV, V -- German: Kellner, 1882: I, II, III, IV.

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This book is the third edition of this work, in 5 books. Marcion was a Jew-hater, who rejected the Old Testament, and any bits of the New Testament, books or passages, which disagreed with him.  This lead the church to start the definition of the canon. Marcion believed that God the Father was different from the savage God of the Old Testament. None of his works are now extant, which makes this treatise the primary source for Marcionism.

Books 1 and 2 refute Marcion's dualism; Book 3 shows that Jesus is the messiah of the Old Testament. Books 4 and 5 discuss Marcion's butchered 'gospel' and 'letters' of Paul.




In Book 3, chapter 5, there is a discussion of why scripture must sometimes be understood allegorically, and how the Jewish prophecy works.

In Book 3, ch 24, there is a reference to the lost De spe fidelium.  This is followed by a description of a heavenly city seen in the clouds in the East early every morning for 40 days, even by pagans.

In Book 4, the Psalms are quoted by number.  Tertullian refers to the 3rd and 4th book of Kings (21:4-5).

In Book 4, ch 19, v.10, the biblical census under Quirinius (Luke 2,2) is ascribed instead to Saturninus: "there is historical proof that at this very time a census had been taken in Judaea by Sentius Saturninus, which might have satisfied their inquiry respecting the family and descent of Christ. "

In Book 4, ch 22, v. 4-5, he refers to the New Prophecy as requiring ecstasy. In 22: 7 he refers to the New Testament.  In 23:3, he refers to Aesop's fables.  24:10 contains a possible reference to the long ending of Mark (or else to Acts).  In 29:9 he relates the parable of the unjust steward to those who have authority in the church. In 34:6 he refers to the 'Gospel of Matthew' by title; in 35:9 to the 'Gospel of John'.  In 36:8 he indicates that the census returns of Augustus for the census at the time of Jesus are not now extant.  In 36:14 he quotes a proverb: "the blind man leads the blind down into the ditch."  In 39:5 he rejects the idea that Christ's prophecy of 'wars' in the end times referred to the upcoming Jewish revolt.  In 40:4 Jesus is described as "casting light, as He always did, upon the ancient prophecies" of the OT. 

In Book 5, 11:12, and 17:1, he refers to Marcion as calling Ephesians, 'Laodiceans'. In ch 12,7-8, there is a reference to the lost work De paradiso. Marcion's 'principle belief' is identified as coming from the school of Epicurus in 19:7, the impassible and indifferent deity.  In 20:2 he states, "the majority of persons everywhere now-a-days are of our way of thinking, rather than on the heretical side."


This work is contained in the numerous members of the Cluny collection. (q.v.).  The primary witnesses, therefore, are:

Possibly also to be considered are:

which may or may not have some independent witness.  Many consider them simply copies of F, however.




This runs up to 1955.  Where not otherwise indicated, details are from Quasten's Patrology, 2 (1955). See also Editions page and Critical Editions page for more information, particularly on collected editions of more than one work.


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