The Stuttgart Fragment

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Felix HEINZER found a fragment of a Tertullian manuscript in the Hauptstaatsarchiv of Stuttgart (A284/38 Bü).  The fragment is a bifolium of a 12th century manuscript. The bifolium had been used in the binding of a register of the Cistercian abbey of Herrenhalb, in the north of the Black Forest, in the neighbourhood of Hirsau.  

The two leaves contain only Adversus Marcionem II.7.2-13.2.  They contain no marginal annotations, unlike the copious annotation by Rhenanus on the Paterniacensis.  It has been supposed that this means that it cannot be a fragment of the Hirsau Ms. Rhenanus used for his edition; the argument seems doubtful.  


-- Felix HEINZER, Bibliotheksgeschichte und Buchkultur Hirsaus, in Hirsau. St. Peter und Paul 1091-1991, Stuttgart (1991), II. Geschichte, Lebens- und Verfassungsformen eines Reformklosters, p. 286. Not checked. Discovery of Stuttgart bifolium in a manuscript in the Hirsau area.
-- Pierre PETITMENGIN, Tertullien entre la fin du XIIe et le début du XVIe siècle, in M. CORTESI (ed), Padri Greci e Latini a confronto: Atti del Convegno di studi della Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino.  Firenze: SISMEL (2004).  pp. 63-88.  Checked.  

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