De corona militis
(On the military garland)

[CPL 21]

Latin: Fontaine, 1966 --- English: Dodgson, 1842; Thelwall, 1869 --- French: Charpentier, 1844; Genoude, 1852 --- German: Kellner, 1915 --- Slovenian: Marincic, 2001.

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A Christian soldier had drawn attention to his beliefs at the time of the annual bonus by refusing to wear the garland worn in the ceremony, and was promptly arrested as a Christian, stirring up anti-Christian feeling. Some Christians felt he was irresponsible, given that all might be persecuted in consequence. Tertullian defends his action, and attacks his critics.





The text of this work was transmitted to us in two collections.

The primary witnesses, therefore, for the latter are:

Possibly also to be considered are:

which may or may not have some independent witness.  Many consider them simply copies of F, however.


DE CORONA EXPLICIT MILITIS Florentinus Magliebechianus, Conventi soppressi VI, 9 (N) - title is blank, but explicit as shown, with MILITIS in a more recent hand
Explicit liber De corona militis Florentinus Magliebechianus, Conventi soppressi VI, 10 (F) - title is blank, but explicit as shown
DE CORONA MILITIS Rhenanus (from the lost Hirsau codex), Mesnart (B)
LIBER DE CORONA MILITIS Leidensis latinus 2 (L)
DE ROMANA MILITIA Leidensis latinus 2 (L) "in indice m. rec."


Unless otherwise indicated, details are from Quasten's Patrology, 2 (1955). See also Editions page and Critical Editions page for more information.

[Note: I need to add some biblio, from l'Annee Phil. for the years 1954-1974 and from CTC after that].


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