CIMRM Supplement - Zodiac. Santa Prisca, Rome, Italy

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Remains of zodiac. From here.

Autoleveled version of Zodiac photo from here.

Zodiac. From here.

1965 Map of the excavations.

Excavation in 1966. From here.

Maarten Vermaseren with the foreman of the Italian workers. From here.

Columns. From here.

To the left of the main chamber of the Mithraeum are three side chapels. One of these, labelled Y, contains a monument which was a zodiac.

From Vermaseren, Mithriaca II: The Mithraeum at Ponza, p.16:

In the Excavations Vermaseren states (p.140) that the room had dark red stucco of the same colour as the fronts of the podiums; and the room had a layout, rather like a Mithraeum itself with two benches either side:

He goes on to speculate that it may have been the Mithraic equivalent of a baptistry.

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