CIMRM Supplement - Mithras Altar. Inveresk, Britain.

See also: Inveresk Mithraeum; Altar of Sol; Altar of Mithras; Small finds

The altar of Mithras before conservation. From: AOC Archaeology Group.

The inscription. From: AOC Archaeology Group.

Side of the altar with lyre, plectrum and jug. From: AOC Archaeology Group.

A griffin on the other side of the altar, with a patera below it. From: AOC Archaeology Group.

An altar of Mithras was found at the Inveresk Mithraeum. It has cracking. The damage was sustained in antiquity.

The capital is very finely carved with leaf and flowers decoration, a scroll top and turned rope design. At the top of the capital is a small bird; there may once have been a pair of birds but unfortunately the other side has been damaged and the design lost.

The inscription on the Mithras altar reads:


This may mean "To the invincible god Mithras" followed by the dedicators name.

There is a carving of a winged mythical creature on one side, as well as a patera (handled bowl).

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