CIMRM 497, 498, 499, 500 - Inscriptions and coins. Santa Prisca, Rome, Italy.

See also: CIMRM 476 Mithraeum; 477 Cautes; 478 Oceanus / Saturnus; 479 Tauroctony; Paintings: 480 Upper S. wall, 481 Upper S.(contd), 482 Upper N. wall, 483 Upper, Cave , 484 Under S., 485 Under N.; 486-496 Misc. finds; 497-500 Inscriptions and coins; CIMRM Supplement - Zodiac; Intarsio of Sol.

CIMRM 497. From: here.

CIMRM 498. The graffito. From here.

CIMRM 498. The graffito explained. From here.

CIMRM 498. From: here.

CIMRM 498 is found on the left-hand side of the cult-niche, and reads:

I.e. "Born at dawn, the two Augusti Severus and Antoninus being consuls, 12 days before the kalends of December, Saturday, 18th of the moon." It indicates the date of initiation into the cult of someone, name unknown.

So it dates to November 20th, 202 A.D.1

CIMRM entry

1Vermaseren-Essen, p.118: "The graffito has the form of a horoscope, though without mentioning the zodiacal symbols, and it is striking that the writer does not menton his name. There is a parallel for this in a genuine horoscope at Dura Europos, written on a wall of the workroom of a businessman in the "House of the Archives". ... it is clearly indicated that it was inscribed during the consulate of the two Augusti, Severus and Caracalla, i.e. in A.D. 202... The writer of the graffito on the cult-niche was natus on November 20th, A.D. 202, at the first light On the dies Saturni."

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