CIMRM 481 - Upper-layer: South wall painting (contd.). The procession of the Lions. Santa Prisca. Rome, Italy.

See also: CIMRM 476 Mithraeum; 477 Cautes; 478 Oceanus / Saturnus; 479 Tauroctony; Paintings: 480 Upper S. wall, 481 Upper S.(contd), 482 Upper N. wall, 483 Upper, Cave , 484 Under S., 485 Under N.; 486-496 Misc. finds; 497-500 Inscriptions and coins; CIMRM Supplement - Zodiac; Intarsio of Sol.

Overview: all the upper-level paintings.

Ferrua plate 1. Right wall contd.

The procession of the six Lions. From here.

Monochrome picture of the six lions.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

Figure 5.

From Flickr. By spelluza.

From here.

Note that the figures are numbered from the left.

CIMRM entry

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