Recent discoveries of Latin texts (s.IV-VII)

This page is an abstract of the much fuller article by François Dolbeau in the Sacris Erudiri 50th anniversary volume.  I felt that the information deserved a wider circulation among the anglophone world.  'Recent' means since 1960.

A list of the differences between the 1961 and 1995 editions of the Clavis Patrum Latinorum may be found in J. VERHEYDEN, The New 'Clavis Patrum Latinorum', in Ephemerides Theologicae Louvanienses 73 (1997) pp. 121-143.  This classifies the new texts by literary genre.  

Verheyden does not include Latin translations of Greek texts, a much neglected field in which there has likewise been progress: 

Only a tiny amount of Pagan texts before Diocletian have been uncovered, probably because of the devastation caused to classical culture in the 3rd century AD, when the majority of literature produced before that time disappeared.  These are the finds (more details in the index of the TLL; also R. HERZOG, Handbuch der lateinischen Literatur der Antike 5, 1987; Bibliographie des texts medicaux latins):

Christian texts: 


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