Further notes on the Exodus manuscript

This page is additional material from the Gospel of Judas manuscript page, and concerns the lost Exodus manuscript sold with it.

01/07/2006: Matthew Hamilton writes that he has reconstructed more of the page which was published as fragment 2 in deSilva and Adams (Fragment 2 = Exodus 10:12-15, verso 10:17-22. (171mm x 75 mm) This offers the first sight of the "scribe's right hand margin."  Contains a supralinear correction in a different hand) with the aid of some photographs from the web:

I've had a chance to analyse and reconstruct fragment 2 in deSilva and Adams, and am more convinced that this fragment (and other fragments), come from the same codex as those in the Schoyen collection.

I've attached some images off the web - these show margins that are not mentioned by deSilva and Adams, as well as my tentative reconstruction of fragment 2. If you include this in your webpage, please make it clear that it is tentative only.

deSilva and Adams (2006), Fragment 2

1:   ξυλων ον υπελειπετο η
2:   χαλαζα 13 και επηρεν μωυσης
3:   την ραβδον εις τον ουρανον
4:   και KΣ επηγαγεν ανεμον
5:   νοτον επι την γην ολην
6:   την ημεραν εκεινην και
7:   ολην την νυκτα το πρωι ε-
8:   γενηθη και ο ανεμος ο νο-
9:   τος επηγαγεν την ακριδα
10: 14 και επηγαγεν αυτην επι
11: πασαν την γην αιγυπτου
12: και κατεπαυσεν επι παν-
13: τα τα ορια αιγυπτου πολλη
14: σφοδρα προτερα αυτης ου
15: γεγονεν τοιαυτη ακρις
16: και μετα ταυτα ουκ εστ-
17: αι ουτως 15 και εκαλυψεν την
18: οψιν της γης και εφθαρη
19: η γη και κατεφαγεν πασαν
20: βοτανην της γης και παν-
21: τα τον καρπον των ξυλων
22: ος υπελειφθη απο της χαλ-
23: αζης ουχ υπελειφθη χλωρ-
24: ον ουδεν εν τοις ξυλοις
25: και εν παση βοτανη του
26: πεδιου εν παση γη αιγυπ-
27: του 16 κατεσπευδεν δε φαρ-
28: αω καλεσαι μωυσην και ΑΑΡ
29: λεγων ημαρτηκα εναν-
30: τιον ΚΣ του ΘΝ υμων και
31: εις υμας 17 προσδεξασθε ουν
32: μου την αμαρτιαν ετι νυν
33: και προσευξασθε προς ΚΣ
34: τον ΘΝ υμων και περιελετω
1:   απ' εμου τον θανατον τουτον
2:   18 εξηλθεν δε μωυσης απο
3:   φαραω και ηυξατο προς τον
4:   ΘΝ 19 και μετεβαλεν ΚΣ ανε-
5:   μον απο θαλασσης σφοδρον
6:   και ανελαβεν την ακριδα
7:   και ενεβαλεν αυτην εις
8:   την ερυθραν θαλασσαν
9:   και ουχ υπελειφθη ακρις
10: μια εν παση γη αιγυπτου
11: 20 και εσκληρυνεν ΚΣ την
12: καρδιαν φαραω και ουκ εξα-
13: πεστειλεν τους υιους ΙΗΛ
14: 21 ειπεν δε ΚΣ προς μωυσην
15: εκτεινον την χειρα εις
16: τον ουρανον και γενηθη-
17: τω σκοτος επι γην αιγυπτ-
18: ου ψηλαφητον σκοτος 22 εξε-
19: τεινεν δε μωυσης την χει-
20: ρα εις τον ΟΥΝΟΝ και εγεν-
21: ετο σκοτος γνοφος θυελλα
22: επι πασαν γην αιγυπτου
23: τρεις ημερας 23 και ουκ
24: ειδεν ουδεις τον αδελ-
25: φον αυτου τρεις ημερ-
26: ας και ουκ εξανεστη
27: ουδεις εκ της κοιτης
28: αυτου τρεις ημερας π-
29: ασι δε τοις υιοις ΙΗΛ
30: ην φως εν πασιν οις κατε-
31: γινοντο 24 και εκαλεσεν
32: φαραω μωυσην και ΑΑΡ
33: λεγων βαδιζετε λατρευσ-
34: ατε ΚΩ τω θεω υμων πλην

Non extant lower part reconstructed from Rahlfs LXX rather than Göttingen LXX as line 16 of recto has a variant that agrees with Rahlfs against Göttingen.

Photograph of recto shows the top and left margins, this photograph, combined with photograph of deSilva and Adams fragment 5 (to measure width of page and height of bottom margin), allows a tentative reconstruction of fragment 2 to be compared to photograph and dimensions provided in Schøyen website. Unfortunately the photographs don't have scales on them, and it isn't always clear how much of a margin may or may not have survived - and though deSilva and Adams fragment 5 is helpful, it comes from much later in the codex than fragment 2. Most measurements are rounded to nearest 10 mm.

Page height fragment 2 = 280 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 280 mm

Height of top margin fragment 2 = 25 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = unknown (but is presumably 280 - 220 - 40 = 20 mm?)

Height of bottom margin fragment 2 = 40 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 40 mm

Height of column fragment 2 = 215 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 220 mm

Page width fragment 2 = 160 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 160 mm

Column width fragment 2 = 120 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment 120 mm

Width of left margin fragment 2 = 20 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 20 mm

Width of right margin fragment 2 = 20 mm, cf. Schøyen fragment = 20 mm

Ratio of width to height is about 1 : 2. From Turner's Typology of the early codex it appears the codex (or codices?) is (are) Group IV, "Proportion Between 1 : 2 and 3: 5. About 29 cm. High". Unfortunately Turner only lists 3 MSS within this Group, none being on papyrus. In my list of early biblical MSS I have not recorded page size details, but from memory I think they are listed in Aland's Repertorium

The images:

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