Gelasius of Cyzicus: the Manuscripts of the "Ecclesiastical History"

According to the preface, this work in 3 books was written at the time of the revolt of Basilicus against the emperor Zeno (ca. 475 AD).  The author's name is known only from Photius (Bibliotheca, cod. 15 and 88).  The work is also known as the History of the council at Nicaea.  The end of the last book is lost, finishing with the synod of Tyre in 335 AD.  The work is really a church history, starting with the reign of Constantine, and based on earlier writers including the now lost Gelasius of Caesarea.

The main manuscripts are these:



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Milan, Ambrosian library  Ambrosianus graecus 534 ( was M. 88 sup.)  This is the only manuscript to include book 3.  Text on ff.1-72, then other works including the Acts of Ephesus in the shortened "collectio Vaticana" form.  Previously owned by Manuel Sophanios.  In 1606 the ms came from Chios together with 12 other mss to Milan.  Margins worm-eaten.  Written by three hands.  The first was a certain 'John'.  Not derived from any now extant ms.


R Rome, Vatican library Vaticanus graecus 1142.  pp. 45,19-85,11.  A copy of A. 13
H Jerusalem, Πατριαρχικὴ Βιβλιοθήκη (Patriarchal library) Hierosolymitanus 111.  Contaminated by readings from V/E/O/C/M-family and T.  Text on f. 9r-42.  Also contains other works, and has 489 pages.  Written by Hierotheos, Metropolitan of Monemvasia (1572-1590?).  The first part was in Moscow on 17/9/1588, where he had travelled in June 1588.  A copy of T. 1588 AD
V Rome, Vatican library Vaticanus graecus 830.  Copied from a manuscript in the Chora abbey in Constantinople.  Text on f. 1-65r, followed by the "collectio Vaticana" (f. 106-474).  Owned by Cardinal Isidoros of Kiev while he was in Constantinople in 1445 and 1446 (some works in the ms are in his hand).  After his death in 1463, together with Vat. gr. 831 it arrived in the library of Pope Paul II.  Not derived from any now extant ms. 1446 AD
E Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 1918.  Text on ff.1-62.  Written by Emmanuel Probatares, who later was Scriptor graecus at the Vatican library between 1565-1570.  Owned by Antonio Agustin, whose notes are in the margin.  Not derived from any now extant ms., but closely related to O. ca. 1546-1556
O Rome, Vatican library Vaticanus Ottobonianus graecus 261.  Text on f.1-109v.  On guard-leaf "Ex codicibus Joannis Angeli Ducis ab Altaemps" (Gio-Angelo Altaemps, d. 1620).  His mss. were bought by Cardinal Pietro Ottobuoni, later Pope Alexander VIII (1689-1691) and bought for the Vatican library in 1748.  Nothing is known of the first owner.  Not derived from any now extant ms, but closely related to E. ca. 1545-1560
C Cambridge, Trinity College library Ms. 201 (was B.9.5. 315)  Text on ff.1-69v.  Like the Matritensis 4672, written in the Venice workship of Camillus Venetus (=Camillo Zanetti).  A cousin to M.  Not derived from any now extant ms. ca. 1546-1556
M Madrid, Biblioteca Nacionale Matritensis 4672 (O 9).  Written in the Venice workship of Camillus Venetus (=Camillo Zanetti).  430 pages.  Text on ff.296r-363r.  Two hands, the second of whom is identical with that of Cambridge Trinity 201.  Once owned by D. Francisco de Mendoza y Bobadilla, Cardinal of Burgos; after his death in 1572, his mss went to the abbey of S. Vicente de Plasencia.  They were then bought in the 18th century by Juan de Iriarte for the Biblioteca Nacionale.  A cousin to C.  Not derived from any now extant ms. ca. 1546-1556
T Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Ms. graecus 10 (formerly B. I. 1, also known as the 'Grimanianus').  Text on f. 1r-56r, then the "collectio Vatianca" of the acts of the council of Ephesus (ff.59r-256r).  In 1561 was in the Grimani library in the abbey of S. Antonio di Castello in Venice, from books once owned by Cardinal Domenico Grimani in 1522.  Listed in the catalogue of this collection (now Ms. Vatican. Latin. 3960 f.1-13) under no 82.  The numeral '142' is also present at the front of this ms.  After a fire at S. Antonio in 1687, the mss were transferred elsewhere.  This ms. fortunately survived the fire in Turin in 1904. 14 (ca. 1370)
B Mt. Athos, Vatopedi monastery Athos Vatopedinus cod. 34.  Contains an extract on ff.1r-27v.  The text begins in the middle of the extract, suggesting that one or more pages have been lost.  Not derived from or related to any now extant ms. 14
W Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Ms. hist. graecus 127.  Contains extracts.  Bought in Padua between 1553-63 by J. Sambucus.  Not derived from or related to any now extant ms. 14

The following mss are all copies of one or more of the above.

Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Graecus 98 (was Phillipps 1498).  Text on ff. 1-65v.  Written (like the  Cadurcensis) by the cretan Zacharias Kallierges in Rome.  f.1r "Collegii Clarom. Paris. Soc. Jesu" ca. 1514-1524
Bordeaux, Bibliothèque de la ville cod. 1001.  Text on f. 1-84. Written by Emmanuel Probatares.  Previously owned by Arnauld de Pontac (so f.1r), bishop of Bazas 1572-1605. ca. 1557-1567
Cahors, Maison des oeuvres diocésaines Ms. 81 A. (=Cadurcensis)  Text on ff. 48r-90r.  Written by Zacharias Kallierges. 1514-1524
Cambridge, Gonville & Caius College Ms. 788/791.  Text starts on f. 100.  Copied from Cambridge Trinity Ms. 97 Start of 17th century
Cambridge, Trinity College Ms. 97 (B.3.18. 305).  Text on ff.41-144.  The ff.1-40 contain letters by Theophylaktos, bishop of Achrida.  Copy of T. 15
El Escorial, Real Biblioteca Ms. graecus 448 (Ψ-II-13) Text on ff.2-172v.  Written by an associate of Andreas Damarios.  Once owned by Antonio Agustin, bishop of Lerida and a collector of Acts of the Councils. ca. 1575?
Évreux, Bibliothèque municipale Ms. 6.  Text on f. 1-29r.  Written in Rome by Zacharias Kallierges for Girolamo Aleandro (archbishop of Brindisi in 1524).  The Acts of Chalcedon (on f. 61-251) in another hand.  Matthaios Blastares (f. 253-300) in still another.  Owned by Cardinal Charles de Bourbon and (on f.1r) the abbey of S. Taurin of Évreux. Spring 1524
London, British Library Ms. Royal 16.D.8.  Text on f.1-121. 16
Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional Ms. 4791.  Previously in the Archivo historico nacional (as ms. 164, 1).  Written by Antonios Kalosynas for D. Martin Perez de Ayala, bishop of Segovia (so f.1r), probably in Trent.  After the bishop's death in 1566, went to the Abbey of Ucles. 1560-1564
Madrid, Biblioteca Nacionale Ms. 4807 (O 82).  Text on ff.1-77.  Possibly written by Antonios Kalosynas. ca. 1567?
Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Ms. graecus 40.  First the text, then the "collectio Vaticana" of Ephesus.  353 pages in all.  Copy of Ms. gr. 43, so indirectly of T. 16
Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Ms. graecus 43.  Two mss bound together.  The text is on f.1-98, followed by the "collectio Vaticana" (up to f. 429v).  Copy of T. 16
Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Ms. gr. 413.  Text on f.1-52.  On the guard-leaf: "Transcriptum ex vetusto exemplari Bibliothecae Grimanae | Venetiis Anno 1561 | Recognoverunt Joh. et Andreas Huraultii fratres" (Copied from a very old copy in the Grimani library, Venice 1561, by John & Andeas Huraultius, brothers). 1561
Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Ms. gr. 414.  Text on f.1-64.  Missing the first quaternion.  Followed by Eusebius Vita Constantini and the first book of his Church History on f.65-162.  Written by Nikolaos Sophanios (according to Omont).  Copy of Vat. gr. 2179. 16
Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Ms. suppl. gr. 516.  Text on f.1-81, then other texts.  Written by the Cretan, Constantinos Rhesinos.  Dated from watermarks.  Previous owners were François de Noailles, bishop of Dax in 1555, Cardinal Richlieu and the Sorbonne. 1560-1565.
Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 1142.  Fragment from book 2 on ff.58r-66v. 13
Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 1163.  Contains only this text.  On the first page is a stamp reading "Liberalitate Pauli III. Pon. Max".  Copy of T. 1534-1549
Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 1664.  Text on ff.1-95v, followed by other texts.  Mostly written by Constantinos Rhesinos.  Given to the library by Francesco or Ermolao Barbaro, patriarchs of Aquileia from 1616-22. 1560-1566
Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 2179.  Text on f.3-86, then the "collectio Vaticana".  Written by George Bastraletos for George Leontares, and finished on 31.12.6929 (=1420 AD).  Owned by Cardinal G. Salvati, then Colonna (where it was the Columnesis 18).  Copy of T. 1420
Rome, Vatican library Ms. gr. 261.  Text on f.1-109v.   ca. 1545-1560?
Rome, Vatican library Ms. Reginensis gr. 73.  Text on ff.116-242v.  A handwritten copy of the 1540 Paris edition  of the Canons.  Copied from Cambridge Trinity Ms. 97 After 1540
Salamanca, Biblioteca de la Universidad Ms. 2712 (once Matritensis Pal. 1).  Text on ff.1-153r.  Written in the shop of Andeas Damarios, in Trent.  Owned by D. Diego de Covarrubias, bishop of Segovia. 1562/3
Uppsala, Universitetsbiblioteket Ms. gr. 36.  Text on ff.1-78.  No other works in the ms.  Written by Camillo Zanetti (Camilus Venetus).  f.1-3 and 76 were rewritten in the 17th century. 1525-1550?
Utrecht, Biblioteek der Rijksuniversiteit Ms. gr. 3.  Text on p.1-115.  Written on paper of French origin, according to the watermarks. ca. 1580-1590.

In addition fragments can be found in Athos, Iviron 286 (s.16), ff.50v-54v; Iviron 382 (s.15) f.673r; Iviron 751 (s.17); Munich Bay.Staats. gr. 524 (s.14) f.7; Vatican gr. 606 (s.15) f.240v; Vatican gr. 717 (s.15) f.203, 205v, 215v; Angelicus 30 (1393) f. 288v; Munich, Bay. Staats. gr 65 (16) f.425f.


Angelo di Berardino (ed) tr. Adrian Walford, Patrology: the eastern fathers from the council of Chalcedon (451) to John of Damascus (+750), James Clarke & co (2006) p. 39

G.C.Hansen, Anonyme Kirchengeschichte (Gelasius Cyzicenus, CPG 6034), GCS Neue Folge 9, de Gruyter (2002).  Checked.  All these details from the exhaustive foreword.

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