Lucius Ampelius: the Manuscripts of the "Liber Memorialis"

This work apparently belongs to the second or third centuries, and is a handbook of information on geography, mythology and history.



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Munich  Clm 10383a.  This seventeeth century copy is thought by the latest editor E. Assmann (Teubner, 1935) to be a copy of a French ms. of the 10th century from the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Bénigne at Dijon. 

The manuscript was known to P. Pithoeus and Sirmond, and was used by Salmasius for his editio princeps, but was then lost or forgotten.  It was then used by E. Woelfflin in 1853.


The text was first printed by Salmasius (Claude de Saumaise) at Leiden in 1638, together with Florus.  Subsequent editions relied on the text of Salmasius edition of 1655.


L.D.Reynolds, Texts and Transmissions.  Oxford: Clarendon (1983) p.8.  Checked.

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