The Bible says...

Did this quote make you wonder if I was a religious loony? I'll bet it did!

I'm sorry if quoting the Bible raised your hackles. It's amazing how programmed we all are (including me) to get nervous when someone does this.

In fact it's interesting to speculate just why we should have this reaction, in an age which (unlike the Victorian era) is hardly dominated by Bible religion. The only conclusion I can come to is that it comes to us from the mass media, as a prejudice, because I know for a fact that I have no reason to feel like this. Unless you had an oppressive religious upbringing, or have been exploited by those who use religion as a ploy to get their own way by making other people feel guilty, I suspect you're like me. In which case, since we're being open-minded, perhaps we ought to wonder just who wants us to be afraid of the Bible, and why. I'm afraid I don't trust the owners and operators of our society all that much...!

At any rate, I for one propose to think for myself.

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