Barnabas and the Jews 

The letter of Barnabas does not depict scenes from the life of Christ, even though it was addressed to Jewish people.  Some have queried this, but I thought it quite natural.  Indeed an image of an earlier meeting, 'to talk it over', between a naive and hopeful Barnabas, and a group of Jewish elders, sprang to mind.

'Barnabas' (Jolly voice): Now let me tell you about occasions when Jesus told us the Law had been fulfilled in him.... 

50 Grim-faced Jewish Elders: <SFX: Sound of 50 people doing synchronised spitting> 

'Barnabas' (cringing): Well, OK, OK, I can see that you don't like that. Perhaps instead we could discuss how Jesus saw over-strict observance of the minor ritual teachings as unnecessary... 

50 Jews: <SFX: *SPIT!!!*> 

'Barnabas' (nervously): Alright well of course you know that Jesus was born in Galilee... 

1st Jew: Unclean! 

50 Jews: <SFX: *SPIT!!!*> 

Servant (aside): Should I refill their glasses again, sir? 

I can't help thinking there are going to be very few occasions when Christian apologists would have been able to make use of anecdotes from the life of Jesus or his moral teachings. Indeed I find this is still so today.

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Written 12th October 2000.

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