Balliol College, Oxford. Manuscript 79 (Lactantius and Tertullian).

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This photograph appears by permission of the Master and Fellows of Balliol College, Oxford.

The image is made available online to facilitate access to this manuscript. You are encouraged to use it for personal study purposes, and to hold offline copies on your local hard disk. If you wish to use the image in a way that involves money changing hands, you need to talk to us first, as you'll need written permission, which will probably involve a small (affordable) fee. Contact me to find out who you need to talk to. If you're not sure whether you need to ask or not, or are considering something, by all means write to us and ask.

Each image is about 300k. The original photograph size was 1.5Mb, which is why a reduced version was placed online. If you don't have a fast connection, or need the larger resolution, contact us -- a CDROM with all the images on can be made available.

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