Journal of Theological Studies, New Series 3 (1952), pp.252-3

Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina I: Tertulliani Opera, pars i.
Pp. xxv+75. Turnhout: Brepols, 1953. Belg.frs. 8o.

THIS is the first fascicule of the new edition of all Latin Christian texts
to the time of the Carolingian renaissance, to be published under the
direction of the Abbey of St. Pierre at Steenbrugge. The new collection
is thus to include all the written monuments of the first eight centuries
of Christendom. It is intended to publish ten volumes each year, the
whole series to extend to 175 volumes of from 6oo to 8oo pages each.

        Nothing could better commend the series to the learned world than
this first fascicule of Tertullian. Dom E. Dekkers edits ad Martyras,

which is particularly welcome since no critical text has yet appeared in
the Vienna corpus. Dr. J. G. P. Borleffs gives a revised edition of ad
, for which there is only one surviving manuscript, cod. Ago-
bardinus of the ninth century, in a bad state of preservation. The edition
demonstrates the range of the editor's learning. The value of the volume
is enhanced by a lucid introduction including a bibliography of 16 pages
and an informative table of testimonia showing at a glance which works
of Tertullian are quoted by later writers.

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