35 Comis, here "the heads."

36 This passage is imitated from Virgil, Aen., vi. 305 sqq.; Georg., iv. 475 sqq.

37 i.e., "the king." The "Atridae" of Homer are referred to, - Agamemnon "king of men," and Menelaus.

38 Or, "Powers."

39 Insigni. The allusion seems to be to Ezek. ix. 4, 6, Rev. vii.3 et seqq. xx. 3, 4, and to the inscribed mitre of the Jewish high priest, see Ex. xxviii. 36, xxxix. 30.

40 I have corrected "his" for "hic." If the latter be retained, it would seem to mean "hereon."

41 Cardine, i.e., the hinge as it were upon which the sun turns in his course.

42 See the "Genesis," 73.

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