CIMRM Supplement - 'Mithraic' altar with Apis. Stone-in-Oxney, Britain

From: Flickr. By "ChurchCrawler" (Phil Draper), 2008.

From Twitter. May 2014. By Jonathan Black.

The village church of St Mary the Virgin, in the Kent village of Stone-in-Oxney, possesses a Roman altar with the image of a bull on the front. Often supposed to be a Mithraic relief, it is in fact Apis, and so associated with the Graeco-Roman cults of Isis or Serapis.

From Apis: Monuments outside Egypt, 2, p.36:


  • G. J. F. Kater- Sibbes, Maarten Jozef Vermaseren, Apis: Monuments from outside Egypt, vol.2, Brill, 1975, p.36. Google books preview here.

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